In The News:

The Texas Medical Center Pulse magazine published an informative article about how Angel Gowns is helping those who have suffered a tragic loss.  "My Wedding Dress, Reborn"

Katy Magazine included Angel Gowns by Diane in their annual article about local charities giving back to the community.
"From the Heart"

A follow up story about the less than reputable auction house also raised awareness to the involvement of Angel Gowns by Diane in this unfortunate situation.  "Couple pickets Houston business weekly "to warn others""

Unfortunately not all the news that Angel Gowns by Diane gets mentioned in is good.  KTRK, the Houston ABC affiliate, investigated several Houston area residents' complaints about an area auction house dealings that were not so above board.
"Non-profit claims they are owed money by auction house"

The insert to the Houston Chronicle published a VERY well written piece on our organization, mission and the good we do across the country.  "Katy woman expands non-profit to help grieving parents"

The Sealy News wrote a very touching piece titled "Gowns to guide angels home"

The second part of the moving story in Victoria, TX aired on Crossroads Today news

MAY 2016
The first part of the moving story in Victoria, TX aired on Crossroads Today news

MARCH 2016
KPRC Channel 2 in Houston had Diane and Laura in studio to promote the Foundation and a dress drive on March 12

APRIL 2015
Ben Taub Hospital hosted a sew in and had a few of the local TV stations there to help spread the word.

KHOU Channel 11 news:  Video File

KTRK Channel 13 news: Video File

MARCH 2015
Harris Health System published a very informative Donor Profile post on their blog about Angel Gowns by Diane and the affect the donations have upon the hospital staff and families.  Check it out here.

The Houston Chronicle interviewed Diane and published a lovely article in the February 3, 2015 paper about our organization.

Shelly, the Houston Area Coordinator for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, wrote a wonderful entry in her blog about our efforts to help.

The Katy News wrote a wonderful article about the work we do in the local paper.  It is on page three and can be downloaded or viewed online in .pdf format.


From recipients of Angel Gowns:

"September 28, 2014 my husband and I welcomed our baby girl into this world. Although she was only on this Earth for a short time, she was very loved by so many. Our baby girl, Jaicee Marie weighed in at only under a pound so there were no proper clothes to fit her tiny body. When we left the hospital and prepared for the funeral we were only going to dress her in a small handmade diaper and handmade hat. The day before the funeral I received a message about Angel Gowns by Dianne. After looking at her page and the great things she has done for many families in our similar situation, I thought about how beautiful our daughter would look in one on a very sad day. Since it was the day before her funeral service I did not think getting one would be at all possible. Through a very special family friend, emails and phone calls I received a large bag of gowns flown in to me that night! One was for my daughter and the rest were donated to Women’s and Children NICU in Lafayette Louisiana. Thanks to Dianne and her team my daughter was laid to rest in a beautiful gown that fit her very tiny body. Words cannot explain how grateful my husband and I are for this wonderful gift given to us. We are forever grateful for all who were involved in helping my husband, myself and our angel."

From Cindy M.
"Diane I just wanted to thank you for what your doing, my daughter just lost baby Asha a month ago at Children's Hospital in OKC. we were blessed to get one of your gowns for our angel. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate what your doing, my heart is just broken for my daughter sometimes I wonder if the pain will ever go away!! I would like to help out in anyway I can, I also got a wedding dress from my niece I would like to donate, just let me know what I need to do!! God Bless You! Thanks From the bottom of my heart!"

From a donor to Angel Gowns:

April R.
"Approximately 24 years ago, I "Said Yes to The Dress". It was beautiful and everything I had ever dreamed of. At a price tag of $800 and part time wages of $3.50 an hour it took a lot of dreaming and sacrifice to make it happen. Thanks to Juli S, I didn't have to purchase a senior prom gown, she graciously let me borrow hers. So I felt like a princess on my wedding day, and Scott A .lovingly preserved the memories and the dress for me. My marriage ended, but I brought with me memories, knowledge and two beautiful healthy boys, and still this dress. I have finally found something worthwhile to donate this too. I am strong, but I pray I never know the strength it takes to bury a child. Thank you for taking something that was so precious, yet forgotten to me and making it beautiful again."