The mission of angel gowns foundation, also known as Angel Gowns by Diane, is to provide burial gowns for families who have suffered the loss of a child before, during, or shortly after birth at no cost.

To do this we use the material form donated wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and other formal wear in suitable, CLEAN condition to be disassembled and the material used to create angel gowns.

Wedding Dress to Angel Gown...

  • Each dress is carefully and lovingly disassembled. Any beading, appliques, lace, buttons, etc. that can be used are removed and saved.

  • The seamstress/cutter then begins to cut out pattern pieces. The gown sizes are micro preemie, small, medium, and large all with matching bonnets, and wraps with shrouds for the smallest Angels. For Angel Boy gowns a vest is attached.

  • Once the gowns are finished they are collected and tagged for donation to local hospitals in the Houston area.

  • We have also supplied gowns to several hospitals beyond the Houston area. (see "Who We Serve")

  • Gowns are also given to individual families and funeral homes upon request.

What We've Achieved

Since August of 2014 we have:

  • Collected nearly 5,000 dresses from all over the United States and even a few from overseas.

  • Have donated more than 11,000 gowns, wraps and bonnets to Houston and other area hospitals, NICUs, funeral homes and families.

  • Maintain a stock of approximately 100 gowns ready for delivery in the event of a new need being identified.

  • We are a volunteer force of more than 300 people working selflessly to help others.

In March of 2015:

  • We have incorporated in Texas as a non-profit S-corporation as Angel Gowns Foundation.

  • It's official, Angel Gowns Foundation Inc. (aka Angel Gowns by Diane) is a public charity as categorized by the IRS. We were granted our full 501(c)(3) status effective March 16, 2015.