angel gowns

There are many ways to donate to Angel Gowns. You can donate your wedding dress or purchase a donated gown, and follow the journey of the dress online, or you can visit the local seamstress in person. For a modest $100 donation, you can donate a whole wedding dress to a developing country, or you can choose to get some gowns back after the wedding and donate them again. Whatever your desire, the Angel Gowns program will be grateful for your generosity.

Angel Gown kits can be donated to bereavement groups, funeral homes, and hospitals. Each kit includes a special gown, two hats, a heart, and other memorial trinkets. Angel Gowns are perfect for newborns to smaller children. They are perfect for those first few moments, or the arrival of family members for the final goodbye. A donation can make a world of difference to bereaved families.

Donated wedding dresses can be used to create beautiful burial garments for babies who never come home. Volunteers at Angel Gowns make the dresses from donated wedding dresses. Each wedding gown can become up to 10 little dresses. The Angel Gowns program is currently accepting donations of used wedding dresses, and they are looking for volunteers to take the dresses and turn them into beautiful baby gowns. Donations can also help cover the costs of shipping and processing. Last year, the organization spent $35,000 shipping the gowns to families in need.

Angel Gowns of South Bay has recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Since the angel gowns are donated to hospitals, they will continue to support the hospital’s efforts. In fact, the South Bay location will be the recipient of a new donation. Their work will include creating patient gowns for children who will soon be in hospice care. The gowns will be made so that medical personnel can easily access the baby in their care. The donation will last for a few years, and the nonprofit will continue to expand its services.

You can order an angel gown from a hospital, local bereavement groups, or direct from the organizations that produce them. For more information, visit Share, the International Stillbirth Association, HAND, and Postpartum Support. First Candle, Bereaved Parents and Angel Gowns, and Miscarriage Hurts. If you’d like to purchase your own angel gown, visit Angel Gowns for a Cause.

The Angel Gowns Foundation Corporation, also known as Angel Gowns By Diane, provides beautiful infant burial gowns to families in need. These gowns are created by repurposing donated wedding gowns. They are given to hospitals, birthing centers, and funeral homes at no cost to the families. These gowns can help a grieving family remember their loved one with dignity and style. You can also donate a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress to make an angel gown.