Angel Gowns and Keepsake Angels

angel gowns

The Angel Gowns Project is a volunteer-run organization that offers bereavement gowns and keepsake angels to women and children who are in need. The goal of the project is to help these women and their families heal. The organization provides these women with the opportunity to gain confidence and self-empowerment.

The idea for Angel Gowns of WNY began with the desire to help the community. In September 2014, the organization was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. These gowns are given to families who have lost a baby. The dresses are a symbol of love and healing for the parents and siblings of these babies.

Angel gowns can also be used for end-of-life preparations. Medical providers are unable to help these bereaved parents ease the pain, but angel gowns can provide comfort and support. These gowns can even be customized to fit a newborn or a very small child. These garments are donated to many hospitals around the country.

The donation of these gowns allows Angel Gowns of South Bay to make many angel dresses. Each gown is made from a donated wedding dress. These dresses tell a story about a family, friend, or even laughter. They give a new meaning to the memories of these women. Aside from helping a parent, the donated dresses also help local brides.

Another initiative that uses angel gowns is Project NICU Helping Hands. The organization works with families of newborns in NICUs. It has partnered with organizations that help families cope with their pain and emotional challenges. Project NICU Helping Hands also provides practical aid to families of these babies.