Angel Gowns For Babies

angel gowns

The creation of angel gowns is a project started by Deb Rego, who retired from teaching Home Economics at the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Her goal is to turn donated wedding dresses into tiny gowns for babies. She takes the beads and stitches off the gowns and sews them together into tiny baby girls’ and boys’ gowns. She donates the gowns to babies who are too small to be dressed themselves. The goal is to spread awareness about infant loss and help families heal.

Angel gowns are available at many organizations, hospitals, and from private organizations that provide grief support. These groups also provide information and support for the families and caregivers who have experienced the loss of a baby. Share, the International Stillbirth Association, HAND, Miscarriage Hurts, and Postpartum Support provide helpful information about the project and the available angel gowns. First Candle and Mend also provide information and support for families.

Many parents find angel gowns comforting during their grieving process. Neal has donated angel gown kits to several hospitals across the country. Parents who have lost a baby can use the gown to honor their child or to take pictures of them and their baby. The garments are custom made and may fit a newborn or an adult.

Angel Gowns is run by volunteers. Each donation allows you to follow your angel gowns to the country where they will be worn. You can even virtually meet the seamstress of your gown. Some of your donated angel gowns may even be returned to you. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Angel Gowns is an initiative of Jordyn’s Gift, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The organization transforms donated wedding dresses into angel gowns for babies. Since most women wear their wedding gowns only once, it is not uncommon for them to end up in a box or attic after the wedding. By turning these donated wedding dresses into angel gowns, they are helping families cope with their loss.

There are many patterns for angel gowns available on the Internet and through online stores. These gowns are made with a lot of care and attention. You can also purchase the materials for angel gowns. And you can even make a personalized angel gown for your baby. You can choose from a variety of upscale fabrics, and you can create a gown that is personalized to your child’s personality.

Another project that helps the children in NICUs is Project NICU Helping Hands. It enlists the help of indigenous women who live in poor areas. This program gives these women an income while also giving them an opportunity to learn new skills. This organization plans to set up similar programs in other countries.