Angel Gowns For Newborns

angel gowns

The Angel Gown Program is an organization that recycles wedding gowns and sends them to countries where these beautiful gowns can be worn by a baby who may never come home. You can donate your dress or purchase one online and follow its journey as it is made and donated. You can even virtually meet the seamstress who sews your gown and follow its progress. In exchange for your $100 donation, you will receive your wedding dress back, with some of its angel wings attached.

The Angel Gowns Project has started a program that turns old wedding dresses into beautiful burial gowns for newborns. This project is part of the nonprofit organization, NICU Helping Hands. These nonprofit organizations are dedicated to providing practical assistance and emotional support to the families of babies who spend a long time in the NICU. While some of the babies will live to see their families again, the vast majority will not. Because of this, the angel gown program was born.

Joanne Vivian has been sewing since high school. She uses donated wedding gowns to make Angel Gowns for infants who die while in the NICU. The gowns are used for final photos and are comforting for the family. She has donated angel gowns to Ascension Genesys Hospital and has also volunteered at Reid Elementary School. Her granddaughter, Ashlee Mahaffy, is a librarian at Reid Elementary School.

Earlier this year, Maria’s Closet received donations of wedding gowns that had never been worn. These wedding dresses were given a second life by re-donating them to Angel Gowns. These donated dresses are then loaned to grieving families and offered to hospitals, birthing centers, and funeral homes. Those who donate wedding gowns to Angel Gowns can receive them free of charge. The donation process is fast and simple, and it benefits both the children and their parents.

While the idea of burying a child in an outfit that resembles his or her favorite outfit is tragic, many people have volunteered to make angel gowns. This is a very important cause, and any donation of fabric is much appreciated. Sadly, many bereaved families must deal with a loss. The clothes they wear are symbolic of love and the loss they suffered. By donating wedding gowns, you help the bereaved parents by creating beautiful angel gowns for infants who have passed away too soon.