Angel Gowns For Newborns

angel gowns

Donated wedding dresses can be reimagined by volunteer Deb Rego, a former teacher in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Instead of throwing out the dresses, she removes the beads and stitches, and sews tiny gowns for newborn girls and boys. Using donated fabric, she donates the gowns to families that have lost a baby. They are then distributed to newborns who have passed away in hospitals. These gowns can be worn by mothers of both boys and girls for the remainder of their lives.

While the work is not glamorous, it is very important and helps the grieving families. The angel gowns are worn in West Penn Hospital, where families can take the baby home in a beautiful gown. The company has made over 100 angel gowns and is continuing this work with the help of its youngest member, Max. The company is based in St. Cloud and is part of the NICU Helping Hands organization. The NICU is a critical care unit for newborns with severe medical conditions. Project NICU Helping Hands provides practical help and support to families in this difficult time.

Sunshine State Angel Gowns is another organization that provides free angel gowns to grieving families. Volunteers from Florida to Arkansas work to make these gowns for bereaved families. There is no experience necessary to volunteer. Volunteers can follow the progress of their gowns by FaceTime, and they don’t need to have previous sewing experience. Cortes also provides guidance through FaceTime if needed. The program is made possible by the generosity of volunteers like you.

In Darwin, Minn., Angel Dresses volunteers gather once a month to transform donated dresses into new outfits. Volunteers add a keepsake charm, knitted hat, and Bible verse. They then deliver the outfits to families who need them. Another way to donate an angel gown is to make vests from men’s suits. The project has grown into a nationwide network and is expected to continue growing. The charity is committed to providing dignity to children and their families.

The Angel Gown Program helps create precious memories for families who lost a baby. A woman named Deanna Williamson, whose daughter, Karolina, passed away in 1981, was a victim of a pregnancy-related illness. She found a company that made angel gowns and emailed the company to apply. She was placed on a waiting list and waited for six years to get her gown. Her husband and her daughters were so touched by this gesture that they decided to send their wedding dress to be made into an angel gown.

Sunshine State Angel Gowns provides free baby gowns and memorial blankets to families in need. Volunteers sew the dresses during their free time. For those who donate a wedding gown, they are also encouraged to add antique buttons from their mother’s collection. Other seamstresses sew bells on their garments as a symbol of Clarence receiving his wings in It’s a Wonderful Life. By providing these essential items, Sunshine State Angel Gowns is helping families feel human and full of dignity.