Angel Gowns For Precious Little Babies

angel gowns

Despite the fact that he’s never been home, Eli Williamson will be wearing an angel gown when he comes home from the hospital. His mother, Deanna, saw an ad for angel gowns on Facebook, contacted Levine Children’s Hospital, and soon found herself on the waiting list. She is happy to say that her grandson, Max, is also helping her to create the angel gowns. To find out more about angel gowns and how they are made, read on!

The purpose of angel gowns is to offer comfort and support to parents who have lost a child in childbirth or a stillborn. While the medical providers cannot ease the pain of these parents, an angel gown will help them cope. The gown will allow parents to honor their baby, as well as take pictures with their baby. Neal has donated angel kits to several hospitals across the country. This is an excellent way to support families who have lost a child.

The Angel Gown Program, started last year, accepts wedding dresses from anywhere and turn them into tiny angel gowns. For a $100 donation, the volunteer seamstresses will transform one wedding dress into dozens of angel gowns. The dresses are donated to NICU units in hospitals across the country, and every angel gown is like a baby doll christening gown. It’s a perfect way to say goodbye to the child you loved and to give them a moment of peace and beauty.

Angel gowns are made from donated wedding dresses. They are made small enough to fit newborn and premature babies. The families can give the baby a baptism or take pictures in their precious little angel gown. In this way, the family will have a treasured image of the child for years to come. Joanne Vivian’s daughter, Ashlee Mahaffy, is a librarian at Reid Elementary School. She has also volunteered at Ascension Genesys Hospital and Reid Elementary School.

Judi’s program depends on the volunteer seamstresses who donate their wedding dresses. Many of these women are retired or actively involved in their local churches. They make time to make the gowns for Karolina while they’re free. This way, they’ll be able to dedicate a special moment to their precious daughter. Despite the difficulties faced by the families, Judi and her team make each angel gown special.

Angel gowns are also available as patterns to knit. For those who would like to bury their baby in something handmade, there are free patterns available for angel gowns. These dresses are made with special care and feature upscale fabrics. Some online stores sell the patterns for angel gowns. The Newborns in Need charity offers a large collection of patterns for angel gowns. So, no matter what the occasion, you can have your child wear an angel gown in a meaningful way.