Angel Gowns of WNY

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If you’re looking for a beautiful and meaningful wedding gift, consider Angel Gowns of WNY. Missy Ray, a mother of four, started the program with the intention of giving back to her community. In September 2014, the nonprofit received 501(c)(3) status. Its mission is to provide love to parents, children, and families. To help fulfill this mission, the organization offers several ways to donate wedding gowns.

For expectant parents, angel gowns can help ease the burden of grief. While medical providers cannot ease the pain of bereavement, a lovingly crafted angel gown can help. Angel gowns can even fit small babies, making them a beautiful option for those preparing for the end of life. Neal donates angel kits to hospitals across the country. A cherished angel gown can help parents honor their baby and remember their newborn.

While pregnancy and infant loss have long been taboo topics, organizations that make these gowns not only help bereaved families, they also help raise awareness about the causes of infant loss. Neal’s first goal is to provide support to bereaved parents, but the organization also provides education on the issue. Neal’s organization collects donated dresses, and works with volunteers across the country to make each gown. Neal’s work is a great way to spread awareness and love.

The Angel Gown Program collects old wedding dresses and other bridal gowns and sews them into beautiful burial garments for babies in hospitals. The Angel Gown Program is in need of monetary donations, as they sent out approximately 35 dresses last year. Despite this huge cost, the organization never turns down a request. So, if you have a wedding dress and can spare it for donation, consider sponsoring a dress instead. For a one-time donation of $100, you can make a meaningful impact in the life of a child.

The nonprofit organization Angel Gowns of WNY, Inc. uses donated wedding dresses and special occasion dresses to make burial and final photo gowns for bereaved children. The organization distributes these gowns free of charge to hospitals, birthing centers, and grieving families. There are several other ways you can help the Angel Gown program. You can make a difference in the lives of bereaved children by donating a wedding dress.