Baby Clothing Essentials For Newborns

baby clothing

While babies will grow at an incredibly fast rate, it’s important to buy clothes in sizes that fit your baby right now. This way, you’re not stuck with an outfit that doesn’t work for your baby or is difficult to put on.

Newborn: For newborns, the basic essentials include sleepers and footies. These will keep your baby warm, help them stay snug and are easy to change. They also look adorable and are perfect for outings.

Onesies, or bodysuits, are another essential item. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and are easy to wash and dry. They’re available in long-sleeved versions for warmer climates and short-sleeved options for colder ones.

Kimono-style baby tops are also a must-have for newborns. These shirts have side snaps that don’t hit a baby’s still-sensitive umbilical cord stump, and they’re comfortable for both you and your little one.

They’re also soft and stretchy, which makes them easier to get on your baby and make them more likely to want to wear them. They’re also a great option for layering underneath dresses and shorts in cooler weather.

You’ll want to get a few different colors of sleepers and footies, so you can mix and match them with other items in your baby’s wardrobe. You can even find a few sets in coordinating patterns to create an eye-catching ensemble.

Other essentials: Beanie-style hats and fleece footie pajamas are both useful for keeping your baby’s head, ears and neck warm. They’re also a good idea for outings in winter because they keep your baby’s feet warm and cozy.

When choosing the right baby clothes, be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and try on any pieces in person before purchasing. Some manufacturers have special length or weight recommendations, which can be helpful in deciding what to purchase.

Avoid clothing that’s made from poor quality fabrics or stitching. These will be less durable and can fall apart easily after a few washes.

In addition, look for products that have been Cradle to Cradle certified. These are environmentally friendly and do not use chemicals, dyes or pesticides that harm the environment or humans.

These certifications ensure that products are manufactured in ways that are safe for humans and the planet, such as using renewable energy, recycled materials and waste reduction. They also aim to minimize the amount of water and energy used in production, which can save you money in the long run.

The H&M Biodegradable Collection, for example, features 12 fully compostable baby pieces that are made from organic cotton and eschew metal trims and buttons. They’re a great option for those who want to reduce their impact on the planet and make their child’s first clothes last.