Burial Gowns and Funeral Attire

In many cultures around the world, people are buried or entombed in clothes that have special meaning to them. These garments, known as burial outfits or funeral attire, may be something that a loved one was wearing at the time of their death, a favourite garment, or an item of clothing with a sentimental value. These clothes can be worn for viewing or in a coffin during a funeral service. It is a common practice for families to choose an outfit that reflects the person’s lifestyle, culture or personal style.

Choosing clothes for a funeral can be a distressing and emotional experience. In addition to considering your deceased friend or relative’s personal preferences, you will also need to take into account their religious beliefs and any wishes the family might have. In most cases, funeral directors will provide a range of suitable outfits that can be worn in the casket. While these are typically formal outfits, some families choose more casual clothing to align with the deceased’s personality or cultural background.

Burial gowns are typically made from soft or satin-like fabrics. They resemble smart night gowns, pyjamas or dressing gowns, and they are available in both men’s and women’s styles as well as a unisex option. They are usually designed to be easily dressed over the body by the funeral director, and they can be purchased in a wide range of appealing fabrics and colours. In addition, a variety of styles are available for different types of funerals, from traditional suits to floral print dresses that are often worn at woodland burial sites.

Baby bereavement gowns are designed to fit infants who die before, during or after birth. They are typically white and resemble Baptismal or Christening dresses. They are available in a range of sizes including small baby bereavement gowns to suit micro-preemies (babies born less than one pound at full term).

A funeral dress is a long, flowing garment that resembles a skirt or a dress. It’s generally adorned with lace or embroidery, and it comes in a range of designs for both girls and boys. It can be paired with matching bloomers or trousers, and it is available in a variety of materials, from soft cotton to velvet. A large selection of funeral dresses can be found online, and some are even designed to look like wedding dresses or evening gowns.

Some people who have a green burial choose to wear natural fibres such as calico, which is an eco-friendly alternative to cotton. This type of natural shroud is suitable for burial in a natural cemetery or woodland graveyard. A calico shroud is also commonly used to dress people who are being cremated.

For a green funeral, you can also buy a burial shroud that is designed to be naturally biodegradable. It’s typically made from bamboo or a plant-based material, such as hessian, and it is available in a range of attractive colours. These shrouds can be customised with a message and are popular amongst people who want to minimise their environmental impact or for those who don’t want to use a traditional casket.