Burial Gowns and Wraps

Choosing clothing for burial is often a deeply personal choice. Some families choose to use the deceased’s own clothes, and some prefer the traditional options offered by funeral homes. The most important consideration is ensuring that the outfit matches the person’s culture, religious beliefs, and personal style.

A well-fitted suit, dress shirt, and tie are classic choices for men. For women, a simple black dress is an elegant option that conveys solemnity and dignity.

Burial garments can also be made of natural fibers such as calico, which are suitable for green burials. They are sometimes designed with false shirt fronts and other embellishments to resemble day wear or evening clothing. These garments are particularly common in Europe, where they’re used with cremation.

Many of these garments are available for rent from funeral home providers. They can also be bought at retail stores and online. In addition to gowns and wraps, funeral home providers also carry a variety of accessories to help you customize the look, including hats, shoes, and jewelry.

Although it is not necessary, some people prefer to dress their loved ones for their casket viewings and wakes. When the deceased is dressed in a personalized attire, it can help family and friends grieve together. Some of these outfits can even serve as a way to honor the deceased’s unique personality and interests.

If you are interested in creating a unique outfit for your loved one, it is best to consult with your funeral director for guidance. It is also important to consider the deceased’s cultural background and religious beliefs. For example, some faith traditions have specific guidelines for burial apparel, and some fabrics are not appropriate for embalming.

In order to fill the need for burial garments, a local sewing group has been formed. The group has been able to grow quickly because of the generosity of local residents who donate wedding dresses for the project. A recent donation of clear acrylic from Plaskolite makes it possible to create consistent master patterns that ensure each gown is a perfect fit.

The group has also created a pattern for a baby wrap that is specially designed for infants up to two pounds in weight. This is a much-needed garment that will aide in the comfort of these tiny angels, and it will also protect them from the cold. Many of the gowns, wraps, and accessories that are made by the sewing group are available on Etsy. You can also find a variety of patterns for creating burial outfits, from lace toddler christening gowns to crocheted preemie blankets. The pattern for the baby wrap is free, while a burial gown and bonnet can be purchased from Warm Hearts Warm Babies, which offers a variety of embroidered newborn, infant, and preemie baby garments. The company has plans to expand its offerings in the future. It hopes to increase the number of garments in its inventory and offer additional options that will make it easier for families to find what they need.