Buying Baby Clothing For the First Few Months

When it comes to clothing, babies need lots of easy-to-care-for pieces that will be washed frequently. They also need items that can be worn throughout the year, as temperatures can change dramatically. The fabric of the baby clothes you choose should also be comfortable for a newborn, as infants tend to sleep much of their time and don’t enjoy being restricted by tight clothing.

Baby clothing is usually sized very small, so you may be able to buy a lot at once when shopping for the first several months. However, it’s important to buy only as much as you need to avoid wasting money.

If you receive hand-me-downs from friends or family members, it’s a good idea to select the most useful outfits and leave out any that don’t fit or are in poor condition. Also, try to purchase only a few special occasion outfits, such as onesies for the trip home from the hospital or outfits that can be used for photos and meetings with family and friends.

Newborns sleep a lot, so you’ll need plenty of onesies and tees to keep the little one warm. You’ll also need a few pairs of footie pajamas and one or two gowns that can be worn during the day and for attending family functions. Some families find that they prefer to keep their newborns in their pajamas during the day, but you’ll want to have a few special outfits on hand for these occasions.

Besides the onesies and tees, you’ll need hats, mittens and socks (2-3 sets) to help keep the baby’s head and hands warm. You’ll also need a warm, soft baby blanket that can be used for snuggling or as a stroller cover. A light jacket or coat is also necessary, depending on the climate where you live.

Baby clothes made of natural fibers can be more breathable than synthetic materials, which can help the baby’s body regulate its temperature. It’s important to purchase only clothes that have been washed without harsh chemicals, as these may irritate the sensitive skin of a newborn. If you’re concerned about environmental concerns, look for organic cotton clothing that has been certified as such.

Young children rarely cooperate when being dressed, so it’s a good idea to select garments that are easy for them to slip on and off. Garments with buttons, zippers and snaps can be frustrating for babies who don’t know what they are or why they are being dressed. You can also reduce dressing time struggles by selecting garments that open at the shoulders rather than being pulled over a baby’s head.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are excellent times to purchase baby clothes, as many retailers offer substantial discounts on items such as onesies, jackets, one-piece suits and dresses. Be sure to shop around, as you can often get a better deal at another retailer. And, remember to purchase the best quality you can afford so that the clothing will last until the baby is ready to move on from it.