Buying Baby Clothing That’s Comfortable, Breathable and Easy to Wash

baby clothing

The best baby clothing is comfortable, breathable, and easy to wash. It also helps protect your little one’s delicate skin from the elements and promotes healthy growth.

When selecting baby clothes, think natural fabrics that are free from chemicals and dyes. For instance, cotton has been the go-to fabric for decades due to its many benefits. It’s soft, breathable and durable, while synthetic materials can cause irritation and allergies.

Newborn babies are especially sensitive to chemicals and dyes because their skin is so fragile, according to Suzanne Price, the founder of Sprout Children’s Clothing. She recommends choosing natural fibers like bamboo or cotton for your newborn’s clothes.

Organic cotton has been a popular choice for years because it’s hypoallergenic and is safe for your baby’s delicate skin. It also helps regulate baby’s body temperature, which can become erratic and uncomfortable for new babies.

In cooler weather, invest in a lightweight coat with pants that will keep baby warm but don’t restrict his or her movement. Gerber Childrenswear offers soft, breathable jackets that will keep your newborn comfy and warm all day long.

Try to shop in person whenever possible, so you can make sure you buy the right size for your baby’s growing body. Some stores sell sizes by weight, not age, so it’s better to try before you buy.

Babies grow quickly and are often messy, so it’s important to stock up on clothes that are safe for your baby’s skin, says Smith. She suggests buying clothes made of 100% organic material.

Another tip: Consider purchasing clothes in the secondhand market, as long as they’ve been washed and dried properly. This will reduce waste and protect the environment.

When shopping, be sure to look for labels that tell you whether the fabric is flame-retardant or not, so you know what to do if your baby accidentally falls asleep in it. This is especially important for sleepwear because you don’t want to burn your baby, which could result in permanent scars or other complications.

You can also find pants that are made from stretchy, organic cotton. These are much more comfortable than jeans, and they’re a great option for tummies that are prone to constipation.

Footie pants are a must for every baby’s wardrobe, and they’re particularly easy to remove for diaper changes. The best ones are made from a stretchy, absorbent material so they don’t feel tight on your baby.

Wearable blankets are also an essential part of your baby’s wardrobe, and Gerber Childrenswear has a wide selection. They can be used as a sleeping blanket, swaddle, or as a cover-up for when your baby gets chilly.

It’s also a good idea to have a few hats on hand, which can be used for both protection and warmth. A wide-brimmed hat with an adjustable toggle will keep your baby’s head and ears covered during warmer days, while a beanie-style hat is perfect for those colder times of year.

If you’re looking for the best baby clothes, look no further than these brands! They offer everything from rompers and jumpsuits to pyjamas and jeans. Plus, they’re all made from organic, breathable fabrics that are perfect for your baby’s growing body.