Buying Funeral Gowns and Burial Gowns

burial gowns

Dressing your deceased loved one is an important part of preparing for the funeral and memorial services. Whether you choose to have a viewing, open casket or cremation, your loved ones will be dressed in an outfit that will represent them and their personality. You can dress your loved one in an outfit that they always wore in their life or choose to buy clothing specifically designed for burial needs. These garments typically have openings in the back for easier dressing of the body, more comfortable fabrics and higher necklines. Some of these garments are made by companies that specialize in making funeral gowns, but many can be found from non-funeral clothing suppliers.

When choosing an outfit for your deceased loved one, consider what types of clothes they normally wore and the things that were most meaningful to them. Some families prefer that their deceased loved one be dressed in pajamas and slippers while others may want them to be dressed in a wedding dress, tuxedo or other attire that represents their deceased loved ones life and lifestyle. You may want to consult with your local funeral director to see what types of garments they can provide you with if you are unsure what type of outfit your loved one would like to be buried in.

Choosing the right outfit for your deceased loved one can be a difficult task. When deciding what to dress your loved one in, you will need to decide how you want them to be represented in their last moment on earth and also consider the religious practices that your loved one may have been a part of. For example, if you know that your loved one was a Muslim, you may need to consult with your mosque to learn about their burial traditions. In Islam, the body is not exposed to the public immediately after death so it is usually covered in a white sheet until a wake, visitation or funeral service can be held. Women are clothed in a sleeveless dress and head veil while men wear tachrichim or shrouds.

Burial garments are also an important consideration for some people who choose green or natural burials. Choosing clothing made from organic or biodegradable materials that can break down easily in the soil without leaving any harmful residues will help to ensure that your loved ones final resting place is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Many of the outfits available from funeral home and other clothing suppliers are designed with both of these aspects in mind. They typically have more flexible fabrics, openings in the back for ease of dressing of the body by a funeral director or by a loved one and also more comfortable fabrics that are gentle against the skin.

In addition, these garments are often designed to be as visually appealing as possible when a person is dressed in them. This is especially true if your loved ones will be dressed in an outfit for a viewing or a celebration of their life.