Choosing Baby Clothing

baby clothing

A new baby requires a lot of clothing. It’s important to have a variety of fabrics and styles, but more than anything else, it’s vital that your infant is comfortable in the clothes you put on them. Rough seams and fabrics that are too tight or scratchy can cause irritation to your newborn’s sensitive skin. Also, you’ll likely need to wash your little one a lot (babies are notorious for dribbles and milk spills) so look for fabric that will sustain frequent washing without becoming discoloured or losing its shape.

A soft and stretchy knit fabric is ideal for babies, as it can stretch with your baby’s growth and provides a flexible fit. Look for these features when shopping for shirts and dresses, pajamas, swimsuits, sleeper gowns and bodysuits.

You can also find a wide range of options from brands that use organic and sustainable materials. Organic cotton is grown without any harmful chemicals, which means it’s healthier for your little one and better for the environment. Claude & Co, for example, offers gender neutral and eco-friendly clothing in an array of earthy tones and prints.

In addition to choosing soft and breathable fabrics, you’ll want to make sure your baby’s clothes meet safety standards and aren’t made with small parts that could pose a choking hazard or toxic chemicals. You can check for these properties by checking the garment label or the website of the brand you’re considering.

While you’re shopping for baby clothing, don’t be afraid to size up. It’s common for little ones to grow faster than you might expect, and it’s always better to have an extra-large garment that you can roll up their sleeves or pants on and let them grow into.

Once your newborn is home, you’ll need plenty of outfits for day and night, and you may even want to invest in a few outerwear items such as a raincoat or zip-up down snowsuit. And, of course, you’ll need a few blankets to keep your baby warm and cosy.

One of our favourite brands for baby clothing is Kissy Kissy, which uses the comfiest Peruvian pima cotton to craft its layette sets and sleeper gowns. The result is a line of clothing that feels like a gentle hug against your little one’s skin. The collection includes neutral-coloured bodysuits with lap shoulders, footie pajamas with easy snap fasteners from top to toe and sleeper gowns featuring peek-a-paw cuffs to prevent self-scratching.