Choosing Burial Gowns for a Loved One

burial gowns

If a loved one has passed away, choosing their burial outfit is an important part of the memorialization process. Whether you opt to dress your loved one in a classic black dress or something more casual, your choice of clothing will create a final image that represents their personality and style.

A common choice of funeral attire for women is a simple black dress that exudes elegance and solemnity. The high neckline and long sleeves of a dress offer a dignified look that is suitable for a final resting place. Pair a dress with closed-toe shoes for a more refined and elegant appearance.

The funeral gown is a modern alternative to shrouds, which are used in some cultures and religions to wrap a deceased person for burial. Similar to a kimono or wedding dress, a funeral gown resembles a robe and is easy to slip on and off. In addition to their aesthetic, burial gowns are also designed with comfort and safety in mind. Typically, a funeral gown is made from breathable materials that are designed to absorb any moisture and prevent heat loss.

Besides the traditional dress and suit, many people choose to wear other types of garments for their final resting place. If a person has specific hobbies or passions, wearing these clothes at their funeral is a way to honor their passions and give mourners a chance to remember them fondly. People have worn everything from Harley-Davidson jackets to fox fur coats for their funeral services.

It is important to consult with family members about the type of funeral attire you want your loved ones to be dressed in. If the deceased left instructions in their will about what they want to be buried in, then it is best to follow their wishes.

Oftentimes, friends and extended family members will ask what they can do to help during this difficult time. They may ask if they can shop for clothing or other items needed to make the funeral service as special as possible. If you are open to this, they may be happy to do so and will likely text you photos of their choices.

Many designers use their background in design and art to create unique, one-of-a-kind burial garments. Leon Harris of LH Design, for example, uses a traditional African culture homegoing ceremony as inspiration for his women’s burial garments. He also draws on his knowledge of textiles to create gowns that look as if the wearer is going out to celebrate, not simply to sleep.

In contrast, designer Jae Rhim Lee combines her background in horticulture with couture and heirloom sewing techniques to create a line of burial garments called Garments for the Grave. She has created designs that resemble cocoons or kimonos and are intended for dressing both by families and funeral professionals.

Researchers have found that the soil types and microflora of a burial site can impact the biodegradability of fabric. For instance, some fabrics (like wool) are less prone to bacterial growth in acidic soils than others (such as cotton). In general, natural dyes tend to have better biodegradability than chemical dyes.