Choosing Burial Gowns For Your Loved One

When it comes to selecting burial clothes for your loved one, you want to choose something that reflects their style and personality. Traditionally, this is accomplished with a suit or dress. But there are other factors to consider as well, including their religion and the method of their final disposition.

It’s also important to keep in mind that different faith traditions have varying clothing requirements. Before making any purchases, you should always consult with clergy or other religious leaders to determine the most appropriate attire for your loved one.

The first thing to think about is whether your loved one left instructions regarding what they wanted to be dressed in for their funeral or if they have a favorite outfit that they want to be buried in. If your loved one did leave instructions, you should try to follow those directions as best you can.

If your loved one’s final wishes are not specified, you can select a outfit that they would have worn regularly. If your loved one was an active person, you can choose a casual outfit that reflects their lifestyle like jeans and a polo shirt or button-down dress shirt with tailored dress pants. It’s best to stick to neutral or subdued colors for this type of wardrobe, and avoid flamboyant clothing that could make your loved one stand out too much.

Infants and babies can be dressed in burial gowns that are similar to Baptismal or Christening dresses. They are usually white and are available in a wide range of sizes to fit tiny infants. Some charities and companies create handmade baby funeral clothes to help families of lost babies find peace during this difficult time.

For adults, a classic suit is the most popular choice for men and women. You can pair a well-fitting dress shirt with tailored dress pants in a neutral or light pastel color. Opt for closed-toe shoes to complete the look.

A dress or skirt and blouse with a vest can be suitable for women who wish to be buried in their regular wardrobe. You can opt for a blouse or dress in a subtle pastel shade such as pink, lavender, or light blue. The color symbolizes serenity and peace, so this is a good choice for your loved one’s final outfit.

If your loved one was a person who was fond of a particular hobby, you can choose a special outfit that represents that passion. For example, if your loved one enjoyed painting, you can select a beautiful painting or a painting-themed scarf that can be used for their casket viewing or graveside service.

Many people also wear a traditional outfit for their open casket viewing and visitation. If you prefer to stick with a traditional look, a simple suit or dress is the way to go. You can opt for a tailored suit or a dress in a neutral or subdued color such as gray, white, or blue. Opt for closed-toe shoes and understated jewelry to finish the look.