Choosing Burial Gowns For Your Loved One

burial gowns

When a loved one passes away, the family must make a number of arrangements to properly memorialize them. This includes deciding what to dress them in for their final viewing and funeral service. This attire is often based on their cultural background, personal style, and religious beliefs. For some, it is also a way to express their unique personality and character. The outfit they wear in death can leave a lasting impression on those who come to pay their respects and may even influence their final resting place or cemetery selection.

In general, burial clothing tends to lean towards a more formal approach. Men often choose suits and ties while women are commonly dressed in gowns or dresses. However, this is a broad generalization and there are many options for people to consider. For example, some families prefer to dress their loved ones in casual clothes or items that represented their hobbies and interests. Others may choose to bury their loved ones in the uniforms they wore in the military or as members of certain organizations.

While you may be tempted to shop for special outfits that are meant for the funeral, it is best to start by considering your loved one’s closet. Many times, a deceased person will already have an outfit in mind that they want to be buried in or would have worn if they were alive. This can be a comforting and sentimental option that will allow them to remain in familiar attire in their last days.

If you are unable to find a suitable outfit for your loved one, you can still make a statement by creating a unique handmade burial garment. There are several companies and charities that will provide you with a pattern and instructions for making your own dress or gown. This will give you the freedom to create a gown that truly reflects your loved one’s personality and style in life.

In some cases, a deceased person will have specific clothing requirements based on their religion. If this is the case, it is a good idea to consult with a religious leader or someone who has knowledge of your faith’s customs regarding funeral attire. For example, some traditions require that a deceased person be buried in white which symbolizes purity and virtue.

Aside from choosing an outfit that you feel represents your loved one’s personality, it is important to remember that the clothing must be comfortable and dignified. For this reason, a dress is usually preferred over pants or shorts. Additionally, the fabric should be made of natural materials to prevent stains or discoloration from body fluids. It is also important to keep in mind that rigor mortis will cause the body to shrink and change shape which can cause some clothing items to fit poorly or be difficult to move around in.

It is also recommended to avoid using elastic waistbands, nylon threads, synthetic linings or plastic zippers on your loved one’s clothing. These types of fabrics will likely be abrasive against the skin and could cause discomfort for your loved one in the long run.