Choosing Burial Gowns For Your Loved One’s Viewing and Funeral

burial gowns

Choosing attire for your loved one’s viewing and funeral is an important personal choice that is deeply meaningful. This can be a complex decision that requires you to consider your loved one’s preferences, culture, and religious beliefs. Ultimately, your selection will be a final gesture of love and respect.

Burial gowns are a way to pay tribute to your loved one and give them dignity during their final journey. Whether you’re looking for an outfit that matches their style or something that will honor their cultural heritage, there are many options to choose from. If you’re not sure where to begin, you can lean on the guidance of professional funeral directors who are trained to offer compassionate care and guidance during this difficult time.

Historically, funeral attire has been designed to resemble day wear or evening clothing. For example, a man might choose a suit and tie and a woman might choose a formal dress or blouse. Today, however, funeral professionals can provide burial outfits in a range of natural fibers, which are suitable for green funerals and woodland burial grounds. Some outfits are even designed to look like a shroud.

If your loved one wished to be dressed in a particular way for their final journey, it’s important to honour those wishes. Whether you have their written request or not, honouring those requests will help to ensure that your loved one is treated with the respect they deserve.

Some faith traditions have specific guidelines for burial clothing. It is important to consult with a religious leader or clergy member to ensure that your choices comply with these religious customs. In addition, certain colors and symbols may hold special significance.

For instance, if your loved one was an animal lover, you might want to consider a gown or coat made from fur or silk. You might also want to consider an outfit that is designed to be embroidered with their name or a special message.

Another consideration is the weight of the garment you choose. The clothes you select should be light enough to fit into the casket without adding too much weight. In some cases, heavier clothing can interfere with the body’s movement and cause discomfort.

While it’s tempting to add jewelry to an outfit, keep in mind that it will likely be buried with the body and will not be returned to your family after the funeral. Additionally, some pieces of jewelry will not lie well on the body while laying down and could end up misaligning or getting lost in the process.

For infants who will be stillborn or die in the NICU, volunteers such as Ardath Hinds of Whittle Springs, Tenn., have been sewing beautiful burial garments for them. She and her team have sewed hundreds of tiny outfits for infants that will never come home. They are called Angel Gowns and include dresses, bonnets and a blanket. “They need this at such a tragic time,” she says.