Choosing Funeral Gowns

When it comes to burying your loved ones, every detail matters. From the casket to the flowers to the burial outfit, families want their loved ones to be dressed in clothing that honors their memory and reflects their personality. A popular option is to dress your loved one in a traditional funeral gown. While this may not be a choice that is right for everyone, the gowns are typically simple and exude elegance and solemnity. For a more personal touch, many families choose to dress their loved ones in clothes that they used to wear while they were alive. For example, a woman’s favorite wedding dress could be worn at her funeral.

However, choosing the proper outfit for your loved one can be a daunting task. A number of factors must be taken into consideration, including the deceased’s religion and the method of burial. Some religions have specific guidelines regarding the clothing worn by the dead. It’s important to consult with religious leaders or other knowledgeable individuals within your community about these guidelines.

Whether your loved ones are being buried in a full or half couch casket, the body will be shown to mourners during the viewing. Often times, this will be the last chance for those closest to the deceased to say their goodbyes. As such, the body must be presented in its best light. While some people prefer to use their own clothes, a more convenient and cost-effective option is to opt for a premade funeral dress. The funeral home will provide you with a selection of funeral garments to choose from, which can be worn by both men and women.

The garments are typically designed with high necklines and long sleeves, which help conceal any body blemishes. They are also made from easily adjustable fabrics that can be adjusted to accommodate any changes in size due to rigor mortis or weight loss after death.

Additionally, the garments are typically made of biodegradable fabrics that will deteriorate naturally and nourish the soil. This is an important aspect of the garments, as it helps reduce the environmental impact of the burial process. This is particularly true for green and natural burials, where the burial grounds or cemeteries have strict guidelines requiring the use of biodegradable fabrics and clothing.

A common choice for a funeral dress is the classic black dress. This type of outfit exudes simplicity and elegance and can be adorned with beads, sequins and pearls for added elegance. Alternatively, some people choose to keep it simple and opt for a plain white dress.

For infants, there are also options for a baby funeral dress. Some charities and companies create handmade baby funeral garments, which are suitable for children from birth to age three.

The burial outfit that is chosen will depend on the deceased’s cultural background, religion and personality. While the decision can be difficult, it is ultimately a way to honor your loved one and pay tribute to their memory.