Donate Wedding Dresses to Charities

For many women, their wedding dress is one of the most treasured possessions they own. They carry sentimental value well beyond their big day and often sit tucked away in closets for decades after. While it’s perfectly fine to keep your dress, if you find yourself having no use for it, consider donating it. This can help brides in need and also free up some much-needed closet space.

There are a variety of organizations that accept wedding dress donations. Some resell the gowns and use proceeds to benefit charitable causes, while others simply give them to those in need. Some charities offer drop-off locations, while others may only accept mailed in donations. You should also consider the type of dress you wish to donate, as not all organizations are able to accommodate every style.

This organization aims to provide brides-to-be who have been affected by serious illness or life-altering circumstances the chance to experience their dream wedding. They accept all types of dresses, though they prefer trumpet, A-line, and ballgown-style dresses that are less than three years old.

In addition to the dress, they will also accept bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. They can also accept wedding accessories, such as veils and headpieces.

Brides Across America provides military members and first responders with wedding dresses for their big day. They cover the costs of the wedding as well as the dress. They also accept other accessories, such as rings and engagement rings.

Another nonprofit charity that helps cancer patients is a local branch of Shared Dreams. They provide prom dresses to teenagers who cannot afford them and wedding dresses for survivors who are rebuilding their lives. Some branches of this organization also work with domestic violence shelters to provide dresses for victims and their children.

Some Goodwill stores accept wedding dresses for their yearly bridal events. They also repurpose them into infant burial gowns or “angel gowns,” bonnets, and other keepsake items for grieving families. They can also turn your wedding dress into a sleeper for an adopted baby, which is a great way to support a child in need.

You can also donate your dress to the Salvation Army, which sells them at its thrift store locations to raise funds for its charitable programs. The organization has a variety of programs that help women, including child care and parenting services, job training, disaster relief, homeless assistance, food aid, and more. Each branch has its own specific donation policies, so it’s best to contact the one closest to you to learn more.

Most charities and thrift shops require that your wedding dress be in excellent condition and have no major rips or tears. Some also require that you have the dress professionally cleaned before donating. If you want to make a larger donation, this is a great option. You can also consider donating other wedding items, such as decorations, cake toppers, wedding favors, and shoes. Most places that accept donated items also have a list of what they do and do not take, so it’s best to check their website before dropping off your donation.