Donate Wedding Dresses to Charity

donate wedding dresses

If you have a wedding dress that you no longer need, you may be wondering whether you should donate it or sell it. Trying to sell a wedding dress can be difficult, and can end up being quite costly if it doesn’t sell. Instead, consider donating your wedding gown to a charity. It’s not only a great way to help others, but it also gives you a tax deduction.

Many charities accept wedding dresses. You can also donate your dress to a charity that supports a specific cause. For instance, a charity that works with breast cancer patients would appreciate your donation. Donated wedding dresses also have a better chance of being used again. Since the average wedding dress costs $1,900, it’s a great way to give your wedding dress a second life.

One great charity to donate your wedding dress to is the Emma and Evan Foundation. This foundation repurposes donated wedding dresses to help families who have lost an infant. This organization also offers free keepsakes to families who need them. Donate wedding dresses and bridal accessories to support this cause. Just remember that your donation will be put into quarantine to prevent the spread of disease.

Adorned in Grace is another charity that accepts donated wedding dresses and accessories. This faith-based organization fights human trafficking and provides assistance to survivors. The proceeds from the sale of donated wedding dresses and other formalwear help the organization continue its work fighting the scourge. These organizations also accept accessories like jewelry and other wedding items.

If you don’t want to donate a wedding dress to charity, you can also donate your wedding dress to a military charity. This charity accepts wedding dresses that are less than five years old and in good condition. These donations are tax deductible. You may also consider giving your wedding gown to a homeless shelter or to a thrift store.

Whether you’re in Seattle or Portland, you can donate your wedding dress to help women. The nonprofit organization is committed to finding new homes for donated wedding dresses. It has a boutique in Portland that accepts dresses and accessories. Applicants must make an appointment and only bring one guest. This nonprofit organization also has a retail location in Andover, Massachusetts.

Another organization that accepts wedding dresses is Operation Deploy Your Dress (ODYD), a non-profit organization that deploys them to military installations and other civilian events. The organization started as a dress swap between military spouses in 2015 and has since deployed over sixteen hundred gowns all over the United States. During that time, ODYD has saved military families $1.6 million dollars.