Donate Wedding Dresses to Charity

donate wedding dresses

If you are a bride who is looking for an easy way to get rid of your wedding dress, you should consider donating it to a charity organization. Not only does it give your dress a second life, but it helps others as well. In fact, donating a dress can actually make you feel good as you know that someone else is wearing it on their special day. There are many charities out there that accept donated wedding gowns. But before you donate, it is important to find out what they require in order to accept your donation.

A few examples of organizations that accept donations of wedding dresses include Brides for a Cause, Angel Gowns and Adorned in Grace. While the first two charities are non-profit organizations, the third one is a for-profit company. All three organizations provide a number of services. They sell donated gowns at a reduced price, use profits for future events, and distribute them to women and children in need.

Adorned in Grace is an online charity that sells gently used formalwear and other accessories. It also provides support to survivors of human trafficking. For example, they fund professional counseling for victims. They are planning on relaunching their online store in the early part of 2021.

The White Dress by the Shore is another charitable organization that donates new and gently used wedding dresses. One of their main goals is to help those who have lost loved ones. Many of the donated gowns are used by widowers and other mourners. Other nonprofits specialize in making new bridal gowns from the clothes they receive.

Another option for donating wedding dresses is to visit your local thrift store or a free classified site like Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. You can find some great deals on used dresses, though you should be sure to check the quality of the dress before you purchase it. Most charities will accept your clothing, but there are some restrictions. Some organizations will only accept dresses in good condition, while others will charge you extra fees to have them cleaned.

As with all charity donations, be sure to ask specific questions about the organization’s procedures. This will include the age requirements, the schedule for accepting donations, and the shipping process. Be sure to follow the charity’s instructions so that your dress makes it to the right place.

Another charitable organization that accepts donated wedding gowns is Brides Across America. Since 2008, this nonprofit has outfitted more than 26,000 women with new or gently used wedding gowns. Additionally, they offer free dresses to military and first responder brides. However, you should keep in mind that they only accept dresses that are in good, wearable condition.

Although there are many charities out there, you should choose the one that best meets your needs and focuses on the cause that you believe in. Whether it’s a disaster relief organization or a charity that supports breast cancer research, there are plenty of worthy causes out there.