Donate Wedding Dresses to Charity

donate wedding dresses

Donating your wedding dress can be a fantastic way to put your wedding gown to good use while also helping others in need. It can help disaster victims, brides struggling to find the right dress for their big day and those who have lost loved ones far too soon.

There are many charities that take wedding dresses and pass them on to deserving couples in need. These can range from organizations focusing on breast cancer prevention to ones that support military and first responders.

Those who have a wedding dress that they’ve outgrown or simply don’t want to wear can donate their dress to an organization that will resell it for a significant amount of money. This will make it much more affordable for the deserving couple, and you can even claim a tax deduction.

One great way to donate a wedding dress is through the organization Brides Do Good, which creates ethical bridal boutiques that support projects to end child marriage and empower women worldwide. This nonprofit donates 1/3 of their profits to these charity projects and helps women in need around the world.

Another great organization to donate a wedding dress to is The Brides Project, which sells new and gently used bridal gowns to raise funds for its programs that benefit cancer patients. This organization is a great option for anyone looking to donate a wedding dress in the UK because of their commitment to supporting a cause.

You can also donate a wedding dress to St Ann’s Hospice, which supports those with life-limiting illness in the Stockport area of Manchester. This organisation has a wonderful shop that sells new and pre-loved wedding dresses, and all of the proceeds from their sale go towards funding the activities of St Ann’s Hospice.

To find out if your wedding dress is a suitable donation for this organization, contact them in advance and ask about their donation guidelines. Some of their requirements include that the dresses be in good condition and less than five years old.

Adorned in Grace is a Christian-based organization that helps fight sexual trafficking by providing wedding dresses and formalwear for survivors. Sales proceeds from their stores also help them fund counseling services and awareness materials for the community.

The Salvation Army has a number of locations that accept donations. Each location will have different policies, so you’ll need to check out their website or call ahead of time to see what their donation policy is.

You may be able to donate your wedding dress to the charity of your choice through their online form. You’ll need to fill out the form with details about your dress, including its size and whether or not it’s been professionally cleaned, and you’ll receive a shipping address and instructions.

Aside from the monetary benefits, donating your wedding dress can be an extremely meaningful experience. You can feel the love and joy as you pass it on to someone in need.