Donate Wedding Dresses to Charity

Many brides dream of having the perfect storybook wedding. Whether it was held in their parents’ backyard or their local church, they want their special day to be exactly as they envisioned it, including a beautiful dress that matches their dreams. If you don’t plan on wearing your dress again, there are many charities that would be happy to take it off of your hands. Donating your dress is a great way to help someone else and clear out space in your closet.

According to Martha Stewart, the average wedding dress is worn only once. Some brides may choose to keep their dresses wrapped at home indefinitely, but a growing number of people are opting to donate their gowns. There are a variety of reasons for this, from the desire for a tax deduction to wanting to give their gowns new life.

Regardless of the reason, most charities accept donated wedding gowns and they are happy to give them another chance to be a part of a bride’s big day. The key to donating your gown is to do some research before you make the decision to give it away. You can find a list of charities that accept wedding dresses on the website for the National Bridal Association, which also has tips on how to prepare your dress for donation.

One of the most popular dress donations is to a charity called Operation Wedding Gown, which outfits military and first responder brides. This charity has passed on over 28,000 wedding gowns since it started in 2008. Stulgis says that if you’re considering donating your dress, be sure to clean it in advance. This will allow you to avoid stains or mold, which could be difficult for some charities to deal with during the pandemic.

You can also donate your dress to a local thrift store, which will use the proceeds from its sale to support various causes, like job programs, housing, and veterans. However, it’s important to do some research before you decide where to drop off your dress, as not all thrift stores accept wedding dresses and they have specific guidelines on what they do and don’t take.

Other charitable organizations that accept wedding dresses include Brides Across America, Wish Upon A Wedding, and Fairytale Brides on a Shoestring. Those organizations provide bridal gowns at reduced prices to cash-strapped brides and couples with terminal illnesses.

You can also turn your dress into something else entirely, like a flower girl dress for your next child’s wedding or an heirloom piece for your family. There are even businesses that will frame your wedding dress for you so you can have a permanent reminder of the special day.