Donate Wedding Dresses to Nonprofit Organizations

donate wedding dresses

Donating your wedding dress can make a big impact on the lives of disadvantaged young women, and it also helps the environment. Donated items end up in landfills much less often than non-reusable items. There are several organizations that accept wedding gown donations. Some of them have specific requirements for the dresses that they accept. You should contact each organization to learn more about their policies, procedures, and schedules before you donate your wedding gown.

One of these organizations is Angel Gowns, which is a nonprofit organization that provides garments to families of children who have passed away prematurely. The organization provides support services and mentoring programs to these families and provides specially-made garments for the final journey of their children. The organization relies on volunteers to sew the gowns and is based in Tennessee.

Another nonprofit that accepts wedding dresses is Adorned in Grace, which raises funds for organizations that help victims of human trafficking. The organization accepts used wedding dresses and other wedding accessories less than five years old. You can mail the donation to them or drop it off at a drop-off location.

If you are donating a wedding dress, you will need to inspect the gown for any signs of wear. Some fabrics and clothing can develop mold after sitting in storage. If the gown is in poor condition, it will likely be thrown out. Donating wedding dresses also helps the environment by removing unwanted clothing from landfills. Clothing that is discarded into landfills releases toxins and carbon dioxide. Moreover, the production of new clothes uses hundreds of gallons of water and accounts for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions.

The Salvation Army also accepts wedding dresses and bridal accessories. They specialize in providing services to those who need them, and wedding gowns donated to the organization can be worn by women who are undergoing military deployments. They also accept adult clothing, household goods, and appliances. They will also assist brides in the selection of the perfect dress for their wedding.

There are many nonprofit organizations that accept wedding dresses. One such organization is Brides for a Cause. Since its founding in 2012, this organization has helped over 23,000 brides. At their Portland location, you can donate wedding dresses in addition to wedding gown accessories. To donate a gown, you should make an appointment.

Donating a wedding dress can make a big impact on the lives of many young women. Many women donate their wedding dresses to charities that support the poor and needy. Some of these organizations make use of discarded items, while others create new items out of them. The Angel Gown Program also uses donated wedding gowns to create burial gowns for babies that have never returned home. Currently, the Angel Gown program is in need of money to cover the cost of shipping the gowns.

Another organization that resells wedding dresses is Brides for a Cause, which uses the proceeds from selling them to benefit various causes. Since its founding in 2012, Brides for a Cause has donated over $1 million to nonprofit organizations. The charities most commonly supported by Brides for a Cause are those that help women. For example, the charity’s beneficiaries include Young Women Empowered, Girls Who Code, and Every Mother Counts.