Donate Your Wedding Dress to the Angel Gowns Project

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If you want to donate your wedding dress to a charity that helps women heal, consider donating to the Angel Gowns Project. With your $100 donation, you can watch your wedding dress go from your closet to the hospital where it will be given to babies. You can even virtually meet the seamstress who created the dress. You will also receive some of your gown back to donate, which is a special touch. You can read more about the Angel Gowns Project at its website.

You can find angel gowns at many hospitals, bereavement groups, and online. You can also order one directly from the manufacturers of angel gowns. You can also find support through the International Stillbirth Association, HAND, Miscarriage Hurts, Postpartum Support, and Bereaved Parent. You can find a local angel gown manufacturer here. You can also find local support groups and other resources by visiting Share and the International Stillbirth Association’s website. You can also visit First Candle and Mend to support and get more information.

Despite its name, the W.L.J. Angel Gowns is much more than a charity. They help bereaved parents and their families heal through the work of a dedicated volunteer. Despite the awkwardness of breaking the silence about infant loss, W.L.J. Angel Gowns was born to provide these gowns for those who have lost a baby. The organization’s goal is to bring awareness to this painful experience, allowing mothers and their families to feel better.

After receiving your donation, you will receive a certificate, and you can wear your gown in your child’s funeral. These gowns are specially made for babies who never get home. Volunteers handcraft these beautiful gowns for babies whose parents are unable to give them the right outfit. And, because they’re handmade, the gowns are even more precious. You’ll find it extremely emotional to help the charity raise the funds to create beautiful gowns for children who need them.

The Emma & Evan Foundation offers Angel Gowns, and volunteers sew them up for families. Other organizations make Angel Gowns from donated wedding dresses. Littlest Angels Gowns makes infant burial gowns from wedding dresses. These are given to hospitals and grieving families. Angel Wings Memory Gowns, which helps families with a baby’s bereavement, also accepts requests for donated gowns. It’s worth noting that these organizations are completely free and donate the gowns to hospitals.

The angel gowns program is one of the most unique charities in Canada. Volunteers from all over Canada donate wedding gowns to make baby angel gowns. These beautiful gowns are crafted by volunteers and are provided to bereaved parents through funeral homes and hospitals. And, the clothing is available in all sizes. And, it’s a great way to show your support for bereaved parents. If you’d like to help, please consider donating your wedding gown to angel gowns and other bereavement items.