How to Donate Burial Gowns and Blankets

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If you are planning to donate a burial gown to a charity, there are several places where you can give it. You can donate to a local hospital, for example, or you can make one yourself. Alternatively, you can take the gown to a local funeral home. These organizations often need a variety of items, including burial gowns and blankets.

There are many companies that make burial garments for babies. There are also many free patterns available online and at craft stores. It is recommended that you choose a soft fabric for the baby’s burial gown. The dress should be able to accommodate the baby’s body and is also suitable for a very young person.

It is also important to keep in mind the deceased person’s religious beliefs. Some religions have specific dress and hairstyle requirements. If you are unsure of the specifics, check with church leaders. If the deceased person was a Buddhist, for example, you may want to consider dressing them in the same clothing as they would have worn. In the case of Theravada Buddhism, they would probably wear a white gown to symbolize virtue.

If a person had a favorite pair of shoes, you may want to include them in the attire. However, if you’re planning on viewing the deceased’s casket from a half-couch, it’s usually not necessary. You can also use a pair of socks instead. However, you will want to remember that shoes are difficult to put on a deceased.

Aside from clothing, you should also include undergarments in the deceased’s casket. These will help to ensure that the deceased’s dignity remains intact, as they were in life. Most funeral homes will have an extra supply of undergarments, which are suitable for funerals. Additionally, you can include personal items such as photos, a favorite toy, or a bible next to the deceased.

If you are planning to donate a funeral gown, consider donating it to a charity that has a special mission for children and families. The Angel Gowns Project, for example, offers custom-made burial gowns made from wedding dresses donated by grieving parents. The organization’s mission is to provide comfort to grieving families and give them a lasting memory of their child.

Green funerals often require the clothing used for the service to be biodegradable and made of natural fibers. Avoid any clothing that contains elastic waistbands, plastic zippers, or other artificial materials. Also, avoid buying clothing that contains nylon threads or synthetic linings. Lastly, be sure to check the labels of the garments to ensure that they are suitable for burial.

When choosing a funeral dress, consider the age of the deceased. While an infant who was born full-term can wear a regular-sized funeral outfit, those who were born prematurely need to purchase smaller outfits. You should also consider the gender of the deceased. If the deceased was a girl, you may want to choose a dress that was too big for her.