How to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

If you want to donate wedding dresses but are not sure where to start, you can turn to nonprofit organizations like Brides Across America. This organization helps military and first responder brides who need dresses for their upcoming weddings. Since 2008, they have outfitted more than 26,000 women. In order to donate your wedding dress, you can mail it or drop it off at their location.

You can also consider selling your wedding dress. This works best if your dress is still in great condition. While you may not make a lot of money selling your gown, you will receive a tax deduction. You can post an ad on eBay, Craigslist, or even in your local newspaper. You can also visit a consignment shop and sell your dress there.

Most girls dream of having a beautiful, storybook wedding with the perfect dress. But in reality, most weddings are not white churches. Most weddings happen in a couple’s backyard, in parents’ backyard, or on a beach. While some brides want to keep their wedding gowns forever, many others prefer to donate their dresses to charities. The reasons can range from lack of storage space to the desire to donate a tax-deductible item. The benefit of donating your wedding dress to a nonprofit is that it will help women in need.

There are many nonprofit organizations that accept wedding dresses. Some of them may require that the gown is professionally cleaned. Others may not, so be sure to check with the charity first to make sure they accept your wedding dress. And remember, most organizations only accept wedding dresses that are 5 years old or less. So you should check with the charity first to ensure your wedding dress is in good condition.

If you’d like to donate your wedding dress to charity, you can consider sending it to Angel Gowns. This charity collects wedding dresses and resells them for breast cancer research. It also accepts mailed donations, and they give 50% of the profits back to the charity. Although you can also donate your wedding dress to charity by mail, it would be best to donate it to a nonprofit that is near you.

You can also donate your wedding dress to a nonprofit bridal boutique. This organization accepts wedding dresses and other wedding accessories that are less than five years old. You can donate via mail, or drop them off at one of their stores. Make sure to check their safety policies and make appointments first before visiting a charity’s location.

Brides for a Cause is another nonprofit organization that accepts donations of wedding dresses. The organization sells the gowns and donates the proceeds to nonprofit organizations that help women around the world. Since 2012, they have donated over $1 million to different charities. The charities that they support are largely focused on women and girls, and they include Young Women Empowered, Girls Who Code, and Every Mother Counts.