How to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

When you get married, one of the most important parts of planning is choosing your wedding dress. It’s a special piece of clothing that you wear on your most important day of your life and it holds a lot of sentimental value for you. Many couples keep their wedding dresses as a keepsake or pass them down to future generations. But if you’re looking to give your wedding dress a second life, don’t be afraid to donate it!

Donate a Wedding Dress to a Charity

Giving your wedding dress a new lease on life is a fantastic way to give back and make a difference. There are several charities in the US that accept wedding dresses and will then distribute them to those in need.

Helping Women Globally

By donating your wedding dress, you can empower women around the world. For example, you could donate your dress to Brides Do Good, which sells pre-loved wedding gowns and donates the proceeds to charity projects that work to end child marriage.

You can also donate your dress to Adorned in Grace, which will then resell it and use the money to support anti-trafficking programs. They accept dresses that are less than five years old and you can mail them in.

Getting Started

If you’re not sure where to donate your wedding dress, try checking out local thrift stores or community centers. They often accept donations and will give you a tax deduction as long as the items are in good condition.

There are also plenty of charities in the United States that will accept worn or used dresses, and they’ll even take a photo of your wedding dress to be verified by a vetting process. Some may impose restrictions on the dress you can donate, including age and whether it needs to be cleaned before it’s donated.

Then, you’ll want to check with a reputable cleaning service in your area. They’ll be able to take care of the stains that might be present in your dress and can also ensure the fabric is safely boxed for donation.

Another great way to donate your wedding dress is through a charitable organization in your home state. There are tons of options here, and the best part is that you can usually feel proud knowing your donated wedding dress will be going to someone in need.

In the US, a charitable organization called Brides Across America was started by Heidi Janson who wanted to celebrate her wedding day by helping military brides. She donated 60 dresses to military brides, and the organization has since given away over 24,000 gowns.

Alternatively, you could also donate your dress to a nonprofit that’s focused on breast cancer research or awareness. Some of these organizations offer to clean your dress, and will resell it at discounted prices.

Finally, you can donate your wedding dress to an Angel Gown program, which will then be used to create funeral or burial gowns for babies who pass away. These organizations usually have a team of talented seamstresses and tailors who volunteer their time to create beautiful gowns for newborns.