How to Shop For Baby Clothing at the Right Size and at the Right Price

baby clothing

Whether you’re preparing for a new arrival in your family or trying to impress loved ones with an adorable registry, shopping for baby clothing is an important — and often overwhelming — task. But with a little know-how, it’s not too difficult to stock your newborn’s wardrobe with the essentials. In addition to understanding the basics of infant sizes and how much you need in each size, it’s also helpful to know which brands carry on-trend styles that can grow with your child.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find clothes that fit your little one and look great on their delicate frames. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the best baby clothing brands for stylish, on-trend outfits that won’t break the bank.

Babies are growing up fast, so you’ll want to register for a variety of outfits in all sizes. In the early days, look for soft stretchy onesies and tees that are easy to pop off for diaper changes. For colder weather, a full-body outerwear option like a bunting sack or stroller bunting will keep your baby toasty warm. And don’t forget to stock up on a cozy sun hat, which will protect baby’s delicate head from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

A popular choice for the newborn phase is a long-sleeved onesie that has expandable necklines or snaps near the opening to accommodate an umbilical cord stump (which will usually be around for 10-20 days after birth). Also consider a sleep gown that will wrap up baby like a swaddle and help them stay secure while sleeping. Alternatively, a kimono-style robe is another good option for keeping baby comfortable and protected in the first few months.

As your baby grows, you’ll need to switch to pants and dresses that will grow with them. The coordinating sets from BabyGap make it easy to stock up on outfits that will grow with your child and last longer. Plus, their soft fabrics and simple designs are timeless, making them the perfect fit for every occasion.

Janie and Jack is another baby clothing brand that’s always on-trend, while delivering quality and affordable prices. Their collections of boys’, girls’, and gender-neutral styles offer something to suit everyone in your family. And with a wide range of colors, prints, and accessories, you’re sure to find something that your baby will love.

Other top picks for baby clothing include the feminine yet classic line from Marie-Chantal, which is designed with minimalist patterns and soft color palettes for a beautiful look. Molo also offers a lovely selection of baby clothes, including tracksuits, dresses, and sleepwear.

No matter which brands you choose, it’s important to shop in person so that you can eyeball the outfits and size them up properly. It’s also a good idea to purchase a few extras in each size to ensure that you have plenty of options as your little one grows. Remember to rotate out clothing as soon as they outgrow it, so you’ll be able to easily see which items your baby has and hasn’t worn.