Three Reasons to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

Many brides dream of finding the perfect wedding dress. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for them to buy the dress of their dreams. One woman took the initiative to create a group to donate wedding dresses. Fortunately, donations are tax deductible, and you can also receive a tax receipt for the donation. Read on to learn more about donating your wedding dress. Listed below are three reasons why it’s a good idea to donate your wedding dress.

There are several organizations that accept donations of wedding dresses. The Bridal Garden and The Brides Project are two charities that accept wedding gowns. Both organizations accept tax deductible donations, but they require that the gowns be no older than five years old. If the gowns are dirty, however, the organization will charge a small cleaning fee. You can also donate vintage wedding gowns to other charity groups. If your dress is beyond the five-year-old age limit, consider donating it to Angel Gowns, which repurposes wedding dresses into gowns for babies in need.

Other organizations that accept donated wedding dresses include local theater groups and charities. Charities are particularly interested in wedding gowns because they can resell them for profit. Many charity organizations are actively looking for wedding dresses to use for their programs. In addition to selling them at a discounted rate, charities often accept wedding gowns for military use. You can also donate vintage wedding gowns to local auctions. Listed below are some charities that accept donated wedding dresses.

The BAA also works with Angel Gowns to assist families affected by the devastating Hurricane Matthew. These organizations work to provide support services and mentoring programs for families and hospitals. They also distribute donated wedding gowns to families in need. These organizations are run by volunteers who are passionate about making a difference and provide a wonderful service. The donation of a wedding dress is a great way to show your love and support for an organization that does such good.

You can also donate your wedding dress to a thrift store. Thrift stores accept all types of donations, including wedding dresses. Donated wedding dresses help make women’s clothing more affordable for all people. Most thrift stores also offer tax deductions on donations. And, if you’re donating to a thrift store, you can donate from any state. Donate your wedding dress now! You’ll be glad you did! So, where do you donate wedding dresses?

There are several charities that accept wedding dresses. For example, Brides Across America accepts wedding dresses as long as they’re less than four years old and in good condition. This organization has outfitted more than 26,000 women with wedding dresses since 2008.