Tips For Choosing Burial Gowns

When a loved one passes away, it is often up to the family members to make funeral arrangements. This includes choosing clothes to dress the deceased in for their final journey. This task can be difficult and overwhelming for some families. While the directors at Vaughn Greene Funeral Services in Tulsa, OK are here to offer compassionate guidance and support, it is a good idea to consider a few tips for dressing your deceased family member or friend before this process begins.

Whether you choose to dress your loved one in a favorite suit, an outfit from their youth or something from their closet, it is important to remember that clothing will be subject to the elements when buried on earth’s surface for many years to come. Over time, fabric will become brittle, and the lining may degrade, causing the garment to become worn and tear over time. For this reason, the best option for those who wish to be buried in their own clothing is to select items that are made of durable fabrics, such as wool or cotton.

The choice of clothing that you select for your loved one is also dependent on the type of funeral service that you want to hold. For example, if you plan to have an open casket viewing, then it is usually preferable to avoid jewelry as it cannot be seen when the body is laying in an open coffin. Additionally, if you plan on adding shoes to your loved ones’ outfit, it is important to keep in mind that the rigor mortis will have already set in by the time they are dressed. This will make it very difficult to get shoes on, and they may look messy when they are positioned on the feet.

For infants who are stillborn or who pass away in the first few days of life, the options for clothing are far more limited. While there are a few services that provide burial gowns, most of these are designed for full-term babies, or those who have reached their full size at birth. These gowns are typically long and have a high neckline and long sleeves, which help conceal any body blemishes.

These types of garments can be hard to find for small babies, and as a result, many of these babies are buried in hospital blankets or donated clothes found in the donation bin at the hospital. This is the inspiration behind the creation of a new type of burial garment, called the angel gown. Designed to be the only gown or wrap that the baby will ever wear, these special garments are being provided for free by a group of volunteers from across the country who sew these garments and give them to hospitals, funeral homes and midwives. The goal is to help families feel comfortable and confident when they are preparing to bury their child, rather than a blanket or something that does not capture the unique personality of their angel.