Tips for Planning a Child Funeral

Whether you are planning a funeral for a baby, a toddler, or a child, it is important to understand how much time it will take. Although the death of a child is devastating, it can be easier if you plan ahead. By choosing the right urn and setting up a ceremony for the child, you can be sure that the funeral will be a fitting tribute to the deceased’s life. The following are tips for parents who are planning a child funeral.

child funeral

Decide whether to hold a public or private memorial service for your child. Public services are usually held for older children, while private funerals are common for young children. Having a memorial service is a way to honor the child’s memory and help the family and friends form new memories. While a public service is the standard, a private memorial service is a way to honor the memory of a child and their life.

Select a place to have the service. If the child died while they were stillborn, you won’t have a formal death certificate or Social Security number. In most cases, however, you’ll be able to obtain a Certificate of Stillbirth from your local vital statistics office. Most children’s funerals are held at a religious location. The Registrar can help you choose a location and schedule a meeting with the director. During this time, you should ask them to provide a written cost breakdown, so you can plan ahead. If you decide to buy a burial container, the funeral home should have plenty of options available.

Choose a venue. If the child has a favourite color, try incorporating it into the ceremony. It may trigger emotional memories for you and the family and help you focus on the service. Involve the siblings if you can. This is a great way to honor your child’s life while honoring their memory. You can also include the siblings and arrange for the service. These can be very helpful in the time of bereavement.

If the child was born still, it is important to know that the family doesn’t have to hold a funeral in a church. In addition to choosing a church or other place of worship, the parents should also choose a memorial site. A graveside service will give the family peace and comfort. In some cases, a religious memorial will be more appropriate. In some states, a private burial will be more private. A cemetery will offer the family the opportunity to choose a gravesite where they can plant a tree.

Many families prefer to customize a child’s funeral. Flowers and other decorations are common at adult funerals, but if the child was a special fan, you can add anything that reflected their personality. It will be more meaningful for the children who were loved. During the memorial service, remember that the service isn’t the only thing your child loved. If the deceased loved baseball, they’ll have had a uniform in the game.