5 Ways to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

Donate wedding dresses to charity is a great way to give a new lease on life to your old gown. Most charities accept donations year round and will accept clean, gently worn gowns. Some have strict requirements, such as the wedding dress must be new or not older than five years. If you can’t wear the dress anymore, consider having it cleaned by a seamstress before donating it. Listed below are some ways to donate wedding dresses.

Donating your wedding dress is a great way to make the planet a little greener and save space. A lot of wedding gowns are worn just once, so donating your dress will free up valuable storage space. Besides, clothes that are thrown away go into landfills, where they release toxins and carbon dioxide. New clothes require hundreds of gallons of water, and contribute about ten percent of the world’s carbon emissions.

Donating your wedding dress can make a huge impact on someone else’s life. If you donate it to an organization that helps children, there are several charitable options that can help. Many charities accept donations of newer gowns, and you can get a tax deduction if you donate your dress to them. Some charities even offer to clean your dress for you – so you don’t have to worry about it being dirty or smelly.

The Angel Gown Project is another way to donate your wedding dress. This nonprofit organization converts old wedding dresses into beautiful burial gowns for newborn babies. The nonprofit is part of NICU Helping Hands, which helps families of newborns in critical condition. It also provides practical support for families. While some of these babies may not survive, the garments will be used to provide comfort to the parents and siblings of these children. If you are considering donating your wedding dress to charity, be sure to think about your options and the charities you’re working with.

In addition to nonprofit organizations, you can donate your wedding dress to thrift stores. These places often accept donations of any kind. Some of these places accept wedding gowns as long as they’re in good condition. Many also require the dress to be dry cleaned to reduce the amount of work they have to do. For your own peace of mind, don’t forget to check the dress for major stains. These stains will have a lasting effect on the recipients of the dresses.

Donating your wedding dress to charity is a great way to make a difference in the world. You’ll help families of babies in critical care and bereaved families by providing them with a beautiful handmade burial gown. This charity accepts wedding gowns from around the world and needs your help to ship them to their recipients. If you can’t donate a wedding dress yourself, you can also “sponsor” a dress for $100 or more.