5 Ways to Donate Wedding Dresses

donate wedding dresses

Donating your wedding dress is an easy and meaningful way to pass along your dress, ensuring it will be used in a way that benefits another bride or family. It can also save you money, time and space!

Before you donate your wedding dress, make sure it’s still in good condition and a good fit. Many organizations will not accept donated dresses that are damaged or have significant stains.

1. Donate to a charity that helps women in need

Many charities and thrift shops that accept your donation will pass it on to a woman who can use it as she prepares for her big day. This is a great way to ensure the recipient of your gift will be able to wear it for her special occasion, and it can help support a woman who has a hard time affording a new dress.

2. Repurpose your wedding gown to help grieving families

The Emma and Evan Foundation has 180 seamstresses from across the country who convert wedding dresses into infant burial gowns, known as Angel Gowns, that can be offered to hospitals, birthing centers and funeral homes for free. They also have a program where they provide bonnets, and other keepsake items to families who have lost their child to illness.

3. Repurpose your wedding dress to help breast cancer patients

A great place to donate your dress is to Brides Against Breast Cancer, which uses the proceeds from their sale of donated dresses to fund early detection programs for women with cancer. These funds are essential in educating and empowering women to be proactive about their health.

4. Repurpose your wedding dress to help military and first responder couples

The charity Brides Across America provides free dresses for military and first responder brides in year-round giveaway events. This organization accepts wedding dresses that are no longer than four years old and in good condition. They will also take veils, tiaras and other accessories.

5. Repurpose your wedding dress to help fire fighters

The NICU Helping Hands charity is another great place to donate your wedding dress, as they convert it into baby dresses that are available for grieving families who have recently lost their child. The charity has about 180 seamstresses who painstakingly work to convert your gown into a beautiful, life-lasting tribute to your little one.

6. Repurpose your wedding dress to help a woman in need

The White Dress by the Shore is another great option for donating your wedding dress. Their goal is to give a second life to wedding dresses that are too large, too short or not fitting properly. The shop will resell your gown and donate the proceeds to charity, helping women in need and giving them a second chance at happiness.

7. Repurpose your wedding dress to help veterans

The United States is home to many veterans and their families. The United States Veterans Affairs (VA) takes donations of wedding dresses, prom and formal gowns and other clothing to assist veterans in preparing for their special day.