angel gowns

The angel gowns are a gift that is given to babies at Levine Children’s Hospital after they are born. These dresses serve as baptismal or burial gowns for the babies. You can learn more about the program on Facebook. It was started in September 2014 by Missy Ray, a woman who wanted to give back to her community.

The angel gowns are a donation that is sent to hospitals and bereaved families. Many of them come from donated wedding dresses and dress wear. The dresses are thoughtfully packaged in memory boxes and are offered free of charge to hospitals, birthing centers and funeral homes. The angel gowns are designed to make the babies feel comfortable and safe.

Angel gowns are a gift that can comfort parents during the difficult time of losing their children. Parents can wear the gown to honor their baby, or to take pictures of their child with them. Neal has donated angel kits to many hospitals around the country. While these kits can’t eliminate the pain of bereaved parents, they can help them get through the time they need.

The Angel Gowns Project is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. Your donation will help to ensure that every family receives a beautiful, handmade garment. The volunteers at Angel Gowns make the garments out of donated wedding dresses, which can be reused into 10 little ones. In addition to the donation of the old wedding gowns, monetary donations cover the costs of shipping the finished baby dresses to the parents.

In addition to sending the angel gowns to the recipients, the Angel Gowns Program also provides bereavement gowns and keepsake angels. For just $30, one wedding dress can bring hope to a family after a tragedy. These garments are the last hope for these grieving families.

Many families face a loss of an infant. It can be a miscarriage or a stillbirth. To help these families, W.L.J. Angel Gowns has created angel wraps and gowns to help them through this difficult time. They are made from wedding dresses, and many of these dresses are donated by friends and family members.

The Angel Gowns Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It transforms donated wedding dresses into beautiful burial garments for babies. These garments tell the stories of friends, families, and joy. Donating a wedding dress to Angel Gowns will provide a new purpose for that dress, and make it possible for a family to remember their loved one forever.