Angel Gowns For Bereaved Families

angel gowns

The Levine Children’s Hospital has donated a beautiful angel gown to little Eli Williamson, who will never get to go home in his own dress. The gown is a wedding dress that has been remade into an angel gown, which the little boy will wear when he dies. Deanna Williamson saw an ad for the angel gowns on Facebook and immediately emailed the hospital about it. She soon got on the waiting list.

The angel gowns help grieving parents get through the traumatic time of their bereavement. The beautiful garments are especially helpful for the mother who’s about to have her baby induced by a medical procedure. For this reason, angel gowns are available in sizes suitable for newborn babies. Neal also donates angel kits to several hospitals across the country. It may be difficult for medical providers to alleviate the pain of bereaved parents, but angel gowns are a comfort for parents and children and help them honor their child.

The charity Angel Gowns Australia Inc. provides angel gowns to bereaved families at no cost. Donated wedding dresses are used to make beautiful angel gowns for babies. The gowns are then distributed to hospitals, birthing centers, funeral homes, and the families of infants who have died. It is the goal of Angel Gowns to give these families a moment of peace and beauty during this very difficult time. So, please help them and donate an angel gown today!