Angel Gowns For Bereaved Families

angel gowns

The Angel Gown is a special outfit that is designed to comfort parents who have lost a baby. This dress is custom made and is designed to be both beautiful and useful. It can be worn as a burial gown, a baptismal dress, or as a memorial for a departed baby.

The Angel Gown Program is a project that is a part of the NICU Helping Hands organization. This is a nonprofit organization that provides practical assistance to families who have experienced the loss of a newborn. They are based in the United States and help families in many areas of the world. You can contact them for more information or to make a donation.

For those who are looking for an angel robe to place around the ashes of their lost child, there are many organizations out there that do just that. These outfits are made of materials such as recycled wedding dresses and are donated to bereaved families. Not only do these gowns bring joy to grieving families, they also raise awareness about the devastating experience of infant loss.

As one would expect, the Angel Gowns Project has an impressive array of volunteers. They work together to sew the gowns and then provide them to hospitals and bereavement centers. However, they still need your help to ship these gowns to bereaved families. Last year, they spent $35,000 on shipping costs. To ensure that every family who needs an angel robe receives it, they ask for monetary donations.

While the Angel Gowns Project has a plethora of responsibilities, one of their most important is helping women learn a skill or two. They offer workshops to help indigenous women learn to sew, and they are working to set up similar programs in other countries. By providing these training opportunities, they help women earn a little extra money and gain some empowerment.

Another nifty feat is the fact that the Angel Gowns Project has a warehouse full of old wedding dresses that it uses to produce these gorgeous gowns. Some of these dresses have been repurposed into baby bonnets, sleeping bags, and small gowns. Other dresses are cut up and sewn into heart shaped pillows for the parents.

What can be done to improve the quality of life for families that have suffered the loss of a baby? There are many ways to do this, but the Angel Gowns Project is a great start. It is an opportunity to help women find their sense of purpose, as well as to provide comfort and support for bereaved families. If you are able to lend a hand, you can check with your local hospital, bereavement group, or funeral home to see if they are able to assist.

The Angel Gowns Project also has a Facebook page that offers more information about the program and its mission. You can also contact them if you have a hankering to donate a wedding dress to the cause.