Angel Gowns For Bereaved Families

You may have heard of angel gowns, but what are they and why do you need one? Angel gowns are clothing created to honor a baby who has passed away. They are often used as burial or baptism gowns. The program that makes angel gowns is run by the Levine Children’s Hospital and is updated regularly on Facebook. Angel gowns are available for any budget. They are available through bereavement groups, hospitals, and manufacturers. To learn more, visit the organizations below.

Sunshine State Angel Gowns provides beautiful burial gowns to those in need. They are made from wedding dresses that people donate. They are delivered to hospitals with a prayer card and keepsake angel. They also often include a custom-tailored memory blanket. Whether you can make or buy a dress, you can rest assured that the recipient will receive a beautiful and memorable gown. If you have the material, you can make one and donate it to an organization that helps families grieve.

A friend of Deanna Williamson, a bedside nurse at Levine Children’s Hospital, had a baby who passed away during an ultrasound. She contacted the hospital and was placed on the waiting list. The angel gowns were donated to families who lost a child. The hospital had no idea that these gowns were made by volunteers, but they were happy to give them to grieving families. However, they are not the only ones who benefit. Many people in the community are making angel gowns, but they also have a significant impact on the lives of those who have lost a child.

The Angel Gown Program uses wedding dresses and other types of clothing to make beautiful garments for babies who have lost their parents. With a small donation of $100, you can track your dress’s journey. You can even virtually meet the seamstress who made your dress. Then, your dress will be shipped to a developing country, where it will be admired for generations to come. After all, the gowns are a gift of hope and healing for the family.

Angel Gowns are made from donated wedding dresses. These wedding dresses are made into tiny burial gowns for newborns and premature infants. They are also used by families to give their child a baptism or a photo session in their new gown. It is a meaningful and beautiful way to memorialize a child by giving a gift to the family. There are also many ways to donate your gown. So, donate one today. You can do the same!

Project NICU Helping Hands is a nonprofit organization that operates in India. The program pays indigenous women to sew the angel gowns for these babies. The women work in communities that live in poverty. In addition to supplying the angel gowns, Project NICU also aims to help the women learn sewing skills. Project NICU Helping Hands hopes to start similar programs in other countries. That way, more babies will be able to be born healthy.