Angel Gowns – Giving Back to NICU Helping Hands

angel gowns

An angel gown is a gown that is worn by patients who are having an experience of loss. It helps a patient honor the memory of their deceased baby. Aside from offering a measure of comfort to a bereaved parent, it also raises awareness.

Traditionally, an angel gown is a dress made from a donated wedding dress. However, these days, organizations that make these gowns are doing more than that. Some have gone above and beyond to help a bereaved family by incorporating other baby items into their creations.

The Angel Gowns Project is part of a larger NICU Helping Hands organization. It is a nonprofit that provides practical support and education to families who are facing the challenges of being in a NICU. They have programs that teach women how to sew and earn money, as well as workshops and a monetary reward for every dress that is sewn.

This particular program was the brainchild of a woman named Neal Arnold, who lost her daughter at 17 weeks gestation. In order to raise awareness and remove the secrecy surrounding infant loss, Neal started an organization to provide support services to bereaved parents. She has helped numerous families in the area by giving them a gizmo they can use at the hospital.

The Angel Gowns project is run by a group of volunteers, and all donations are matched with a monetary donation. This is what helps pay for the shipping of completed gowns to the bereaved families who need them. Having a kit of gowns can be helpful for a family that is planning a funeral or a memorial service, or a family that is visiting a hospital for the first time to say goodbye to a loved one.

The Angel Gowns Project has a warehouse full of donated wedding dresses that are transformed into beautiful burial gowns for newborns. The gowns come in a variety of sizes, so each family gets to choose a gown that fits their needs.

The Angel Gowns project is a wonderful example of what happens when we give back. When a family loses a baby, the grief is immense, and having a little something to hold on to is an invaluable gift. Whether it’s a keepsake, a token of love, or a tangible reminder of the child they lost, the angel gowns program will ensure that every family is given a beautiful handmade garment.

These gowns are a special gift, not only because of the sentimental value, but because they are so useful. The small gowns are the perfect size for babies who are born between fourteen and thirteen pounds. Other items in the kits include a heart shaped pillow and a hat.

There are many organizations that make gowns for bereaved families. You can find some of them on Facebook or through your local hospital. If you’re in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area, you can contact Amy Moore, who is the chapter coordinator for this organization.