Angel Gowns of WNY

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The idea to create Angel Gowns of WNY grew out of a desire to give back to the community after the birth of her baby. In September 2014, Angel Gowns was incorporated as a 501-(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The mission of the organization is to provide comfort and love to grieving parents and families. The non-profit has donated thousands of angel gowns to babies and their parents. Founded in 2013, Angel Gowns began by making a dozen outfits and has since expanded into a large nonprofit organization.

As a former coroner investigator and paramedic, Patty Hauer had been seeing many babies die, and was inspired to create a way to provide dignity to the families of these children as they suffered. She took an old wedding gown and used it to create twelve miniature outfits, then donated them to the hospital. The angel gowns began to become a popular fundraiser, and the organization was born. This work aims to shed light on infant loss, a subject that has been largely hidden in society.

Sunshine State Angel Gowns is a nonprofit organization that provides free angel gowns to grieving families. The organization is run by volunteers from Florida to Arkansas, but new volunteers are always welcomed. Sewing experience is not necessary, and Cortes is available via FaceTime to give guidance and answer questions. The organization has made thousands of angel gowns, and it would be a great honor if you’d like to join its mission. But before you donate your wedding dress, be sure to know what’s required.

Brandy and her family made dozens of memories with Karolina while she was alive. They painted her nails, and sculpted her hands and feet. They even had a picture of the entire family. They know they want to give her family a special gift in honor of Karolina’s life. The angel gowns will be a beautiful reminder of the memories they shared. So, how can you give a family a gift that will bring so much comfort and happiness?

The program relies on the donations of donated wedding gowns and the help of local seamstresses. Many of these women are retired, or are involved in their churches. They sew gowns during their free time. Some of them personalize the angel gowns with antique buttons from their mothers’ collections. And many of the gowns have tiny pillows and hats attached to them. Those who are able to sew their own angel gowns say the dresses are some of the best angel gowns they’ve seen.

A baby’s life is precious. Donate your wedding dress today. It will help a baby’s family have one more beautiful memory. A donated angel gown will also help the family remember their loved one. Angel Gowns are especially valuable because they provide comfort to the grieving parents. They help families remember their child with dignity. In addition, they make wonderful keepsakes. If you’re looking for a meaningful way to give a gift to a bereaved mother, consider Angel Gowns.