Donate Wedding Dresses to Charity

donate wedding dresses

If you are planning to get married in the near future but cannot afford to purchase a dress, you can donate your wedding dress to a charity. Charities such as the Wedding Dress Exchange will take your wedding gowns for free and will provide you with a 501(c)3 tax-deductible receipt for your charitable donation. You can also donate your accessories and other wedding-related items to these organizations. There are several organizations that accept wedding dresses and make a difference in the lives of thousands of women.

Donate wedding dresses to charities that will help the most needy. Many organizations make burial gowns from donated wedding gowns, and some will turn these dresses into infant gowns. They are a comfort to bereaved parents who are left with nothing to wear after a loss. The Angel Gown Program requests donations of wedding dresses and will ship them to a hospital or funeral home to help the grieving family. Each garment is hand-crafted and packaged by volunteers.

Another organization that accepts wedding dresses for donation is Brides Across America. The charity is accepting wedding dresses that are at least four years old. Donate wedding dresses to this organization by filling out a simple online form. The organization will contact you with questions about the dress and arrange for shipping. There are no fees involved, and you will be able to donate your wedding dress with a sense of satisfaction. You may even find a local organization in your area to accept your wedding dress.

Many charities provide cleaning services for donated wedding dresses. However, some have strict guidelines about the dress you donate. Others charge extra for cleaning. Before donating your wedding dress, make sure that you contact the charity in advance to find out their specific requirements and protocols. Charities also have a policy for how old the dress needs to be in order to accept it. You should also check whether the organization accepts dresses of certain sizes and styles. Don’t forget to clean your wedding gowns well before you donate them!

There are several organizations that accept donations of wedding dresses. The Brides Project, a nonprofit in Washington state, accepts dresses that are five years old or newer. Donations of vintage wedding gowns are also accepted by this nonprofit. You can also donate your used gown to nonprofits such as Adorned In Grace, which uses the proceeds from their sales to help victims of human trafficking. There are several other charities that accept donated wedding dresses.

The Salvation Army is another nonprofit organization that takes wedding dresses. The nonprofit organization works in 130 countries and resells them to raise funds for women’s charities. Other nonprofit organizations accept donated wedding dresses and bridal accessories. Donations can be made by mail, at one of their locations, or through roadshow events. If you choose to donate your wedding dress, make sure to consider the charity’s social distancing procedures to prevent any hygienic issues.