Baby Clothes For Newborns

baby clothing

It’s impossible to resist all the adorable baby clothes in stores and online — but beware of buying too many that can cause rashes or other skin irritation. The best clothing for newborns is made from cotton and other natural materials that are gentle on the skin and help regulate body temperature. Avoid polyester and nylon, as they can be scratchy. If you can, choose organic cotton or cotton grown with non-toxic pesticides. Finally, make sure that any decorations on the clothes (such as bows) are firmly attached and won’t pose a choking hazard.

Whether it’s a onesie, a pair of pants or footed sleepers, all newborns need warm clothing to keep them cozy. Look for a soft fabric that’s also breathable, as babies can overheat easily. A few pairs of socks are a must, too. Choose socks that fit small feet and have hook and loop fasteners, since those tiny socks can be hard to keep track of (god forbid you leave the house with a sockless baby).

A great option is leggings from a brand like Babi, which are super stretchy and come in a range of colors and patterns that go with just about anything. They’re also easy to get on and off, which makes diaper changes much easier (and way cuter). For a warmer option, go for a pair of footed onesies from SoftBaby or Izzie and Owie. They’re not only incredibly cute, but they’ll be comfy enough to wear until your little one is at least two years old.

If your little one has a big head, consider getting her or him a couple of warm, fuzzy hats that are super soft and cozy. Look for bright felt hats, or, if your mom is a knitter, some lovely soft baby wool. And don’t forget a pair of booties if you’re planning on leaving the house in cold weather — and don’t forget a matching bib to make for a complete outfit.

The best part about this category of clothing is that it can be surprisingly affordable. Several mom-and-pop shops sell organic and eco-friendly newborn clothes, including Burt’s Bees Baby, Monica and Andy, Garanimals, Spearmint Love and Finn & Emma. Alternatively, check out TheRealReal for a treasure trove of mostly-used-once pieces that will fit newborns perfectly.

Another great place to shop for clothes for the littlest members of your family is Baby Gap. They carry a variety of different sizes and styles, and most items are under $20. If you’re looking for something more unique, try Brooklyn-based Winter Water Factory. This husband-and-wife company offers screen-printed textiles with bold designs that will definitely garner your new baby some serious Instagram attention. And their garments are all made from GOTS-certified organic cotton that’s soft and gentle on the skin. They’re also free of chemicals and dyes that could irritate sensitive newborn skin. Plus, their pants and shorts have a wide waistband that makes them easier to pull up for diaper changes.