Baby Clothing Buying Guide

As you build your baby’s wardrobe, consider the following guidelines:

Invest in soft fabrics that are easy to clean. Babies can go through several outfits in a day thanks to spit-ups and blowouts, so it’s best to select clothing that will be comfortable and easy to take off for diaper changes. Baby clothing with snaps or buttons at the crotch (such as bodysuits and long-sleeved onesies) are the easiest to pull on and off.

Consider layering. Many babies can be cold, even in warm climates, so adding a light jacket or cardigan to their onesie and tee will keep them cozy without overheating. Signs that a child is too hot include flushed cheeks, fussiness or a sweaty back.

Choose clothes that will be comfortable for both the parent and infant. Embroidered dresses and pleated pants may look cute, but they can be uncomfortable for an infant. Look for soft, stretchy fabrics like cotton and polyester, which are safe for the washing machine.

Avoid clothes that have rough textures or buttons on the neck, wrists or hands, as these can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Look for shirts and tees that are made from organic cotton or another environmentally friendly material.

When shopping for your baby, remember that size discrepancies are common between clothing brands. You might need to purchase a size that is larger than your baby’s actual size, as they will grow quickly. Rolling up sleeves and pants is okay if you end up with an item that’s too big, as they will fit better after a few washes.

For daytime, you’ll want a few long-sleeved onesies to pair with leggings or pants and footie pajamas for lounging at home. For cold weather, you’ll also need a few snowsuits that can protect your baby from the elements.

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