Baby Clothing Essentials

For newborns, there are few things more essential than soft, breathable clothes. Their skin is sensitive and they don’t regulate temperature as well as adults, so clothes made of natural fabrics that breathe are the best choice. They also help reduce the risk of irritants that can lead to itching and other health issues, which is especially important given how often newborns need to be changed for diaper changes.

In general, it’s helpful to have a few basics on hand in different colors and patterns that can be mixed-and-matched to build a baby wardrobe. Pre-matched sets like Target’s Cat & Jack line are a great option, and come in coordinating sizes that will make it easy to get your new little one dressed.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive collection of newborn outfits, Honest Baby Clothing offers an array of clothes in different sizes and styles that are all made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. The brand has a full range of apparel, from dresses to tops to bottoms to rompers, and they come in many different color options as well. The outfits are designed to grow with your baby, and are made with zippers that can be opened and closed for easier dressing.

During the first month, it’s also good to have a few wrap-bodies and bodysuits on hand. Unlike traditional tees, these baby outfits have fasteners between the crotch that make it easy to change a diaper. They’re also a great choice for warm weather because they allow your newborn to stay cool without restricting their movement or causing overheating.

Once your baby is a little older, it’s important to have several sweaters and coats on hand in case of colder weather. You’ll need at least one light jacket and possibly another heavier jacket depending on where you live, as well as a few sweaters to layer with when it gets colder. A cozy fleece, a pair of wool boots and an extra pair of socks are also a good idea.

For nighttime, you’ll want to stock up on a few pairs of footie pajamas. These adorable outfits are a comfortable way for your infant to sleep and keep them toasty warm during the night. They’re also a great choice if you plan to attend family functions because they let your baby look dapper, while still providing warmth and covering up their legs for rugburn protection.

Baby clothes can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Many retailers offer discounts on larger baby sizes, and it’s often easy to find used newborn clothing online on sites like Poshmark and ThredUP. If you do end up buying new clothing, it’s also a good idea to purchase at least one size larger than what your baby is currently wearing so that they can wear the garments for longer. Inconsistent sizing is common in newborn clothing, so don’t be afraid to try on some clothes and shop around before making a purchase.