Burial Gowns For Babies

As the grieving process continues, families must make many practical decisions. One is what clothes to dress their loved ones in at the funeral or memorial service and burial. Although a traditional suit or formal dress are common choices for men and women, there is also an option for a more casual outfit. And, for babies, there are a variety of handmade baby funeral gowns available for those who want to honor their life with a special outfit that will be a remembrance of their brief time on earth.

As with clothing worn during the funeral or memorial service, the attire for a burial is important in that it can be symbolic of their personality and style. For example, a loved one may have been known for always wearing certain styles of dresses or skirts. Choosing an outfit that will be a special reminder of their style in death can help to bring comfort to the family members.

Burial gowns can be made of a variety of materials, but they are typically soft and satin-like to provide dignity for the deceased. They are usually designed to be straightforward for the funeral director to dress the body in and can be a unisex design. There are also garments that resemble smart night gowns or pyjamas, and these are often used for older people or those who may have lost a great deal of weight. These garments can be designed to be a more formal wear and are available in a range of appealing fabrics and colours.

For babies, there are many different options that can be made from repurposed wedding dresses or from new fabric designed specifically for infants. Some of these gowns are tailored to be a unisex style, while others have a religious motif or are used for babies who will be buried in the Catholic faith. There are even a number of organisations that create handmade baby burial gowns from donated materials such as old t-shirts and jeans.

In shrouding cultures such as observant Jewish and Muslim communities, there is a strict order of dressing that includes specific garments and shroud pieces (sometimes gender specific), an elaborate way to tie the knots, and prescribed prayers and songs. However, for most people, there is no need to be so rigid when deciding on the clothing for their loved ones.

If you are planning ahead for your own green burial, it is best to choose a natural fiber garment that will be biodegradable and sustainable. This will ensure that you are preserving the environment, reducing the waste that goes into landfills, and supporting local economies. It is also recommended that you avoid synthetic or silk fibres, which can be harmful to the earth and your loved one in a similar manner as plastics.