Baby Clothing Essentials

For a brand new infant, there’s not much more important than comfortable clothing. The soft cotton fabrics in sweet prints and colors are a win for baby and mama, too. Plus, the clever design details make it easy for you to change baby and keep them cozy and comfy.

One of the most common baby clothes is a bodysuit, sometimes also called a vest or sleeper. These look a lot like leotards and have fasteners between the legs to enable changing of diapers. They’re worn during daytime and nighttime and often supplemented by bibs.

Another essential item is onesies, which are essentially t-shirts with sleeves and pants attached. These are great for babies who want to move around and aren’t quite ready for a full outfit. They can even be used as a cover-up over pajamas for the first few months after baby starts sleeping through the night, and they’re ideal for babies who experience colic and reflux.

During the newborn stage, it’s best to have several of these on hand because of all the spit-ups and blowouts. A minimum of ten should do the trick until your little bundle of joy is a month old and then one per wash cycle works well thereafter. Footie pajamas are another great option for your baby at bedtime because they offer a bit more coverage and can protect their toes as they kick their feet around in their sleep.

Baby jackets are also important in cold weather for outdoor adventures and family gatherings. You’ll also want to stock up on blankets, which can be layered over their clothing for added warmth.

When shopping for your own little bundle of joy or a friend’s baby, remember that they grow quickly and sizing is not always consistent between brands, so it’s wise to buy slightly larger than your infant needs. The best way to determine what size your baby is is by their height and weight, rather than age.

Whether you’re shopping for your own baby, or looking for a gift for a friend, you’ll find lots of cute clothing choices for girls and boys. Explore gender-neutral clothing, shoes, blankets and bibs for a neutral shower gift or go all out with a gender reveal outfit, baby birthday outfit or special occasion outfits for a 4th of July celebration, Halloween or Christmas outfits.