Baby Clothing Essentials

A newborn needs clothes, especially if you’re planning on going out and about. Stock up on onesies, rompers and sleepers (also known as footie pajamas), which will keep baby comfortable in warm or cold weather. You’ll also want to have dresses, shirts and pants for daytime wear. If you live in a cold climate, consider adding a parka, which is an extra-warm jacket with a hood to protect against rain and wind.

Look for soft fabrics that will feel good against baby’s skin, and pay attention to the fiber content of clothing labels — cotton is a classic material. You’ll also find baby clothing made with knit fabrics, which are particularly comfortable because of their stretchy, extra-stretchy nature. You should be able to find these items at most big-box stores.

Choose easy-to-change clothes to make diaper changes easier and less stressful. You’ll also want clothes with buttons that are small and won’t easily scratch a baby. Onesie, bubble or romper pants and shirts are good choices, as they snap open at the crotch for easy dressing and undressing. Body suits with either long or short sleeves are good for summer and winter.

Newborns can get very chilly, so having plenty of socks is important for them to wear with their PJ’s. Socks will help prevent rashes and irritation caused by friction against baby’s feet. Babies lose heat through their heads, so it’s essential to have a variety of hats. Soft skull caps, or actual hats for warmer weather, are ideal to help keep their heads toasty. Similarly, thin mittens keep hands warm and protect them from itching.

For cold weather, a few pairs of romper pants and shirts will be useful. They can be worn under a snowsuit, or with a parka if you’re heading outside in extremely cold temperatures. Baby’s feet are often very sensitive, so having a few pair of booties to slip on over the bottoms of their PJ’s will be helpful in keeping them warm.

Lastly, add a soft sweater or cardigan to wear over a onesie and tee for an extra layer. You can also add leg warmers to the mix, which you can slide over their PJ’s or pants. But be careful not to overbundle your baby, as they can quickly become hot and fussy if they are too warm. Signs that they are too warm include flushed cheeks, sweaty backs or fussiness.

You’ll also need a few pairs of soft shoes to slip on over their footie pajamas for walking around the house or playing in the yard. For outdoor play, a pair of sturdy rubber boots is also great for protecting their feet from puddles or mud.